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Your Ego Is Not Your Amigo

Why we should stop listening to our inner voice, or EGO and trust our intuition. 

It’s Monday Mojo time here for me at Vitality HQ. I’m standing at my desk in a fixed position after a week of playing tennis like my life depended on it. To anyone watching it would seem I have perfect posture.

To me, I’m just stuck like this for a while.  Clearly not enough stretching.  

I’ve got some pretty awesome sporty friends, some may happen to be ex pro’s and it’s so how can you say no when you get a chance to go play with people who really know what they’re doing. When that happens the stakes go up a notch and the fun level escalates. I can’t help it! It’s just way too much fun to try and keep up, get inspired.

When you have a LOT of energy like me, sometimes it’s hard to press pause. You see, I let my ego get in the way of taking some time to stretch and have a rest day. I was just having too much fun, after years of not picking up a racket.  

Who over rode my common sense?

Bob, my inner voice who I RARELY pay ANY attention to, as he never has my best interests at heart…

He kept saying. “Come on, just one more game, you don’t need that water over there, keep playing. have fun, you don’t need to stretch, it’s all good”.  

Silly me. I let Bob talk me into it. I kept on playing and ignored the stretching. I totally forgot,  my ego is not my amigo.


We must learn to separate our EGO from our INTUITION. They are 2 completely seperate entities.


This actually applies to all things in life. Whether it’s a business decision, a relationship moment, a healthy choice versus a quick fix  – tune out “BOB” and follow your heart not your head. It knows the way.


Let me explain Why Your Ego is Not Your Ego

 Your EGO is that little voice inside your head (mostly patronising or judgemental) that says things like

  • Awww you really think you can do that, how cute of you
  • Don’t bother applying for that
  • Do you think they’re even going to notice you
  • Who’s going to read that?
  • Wearing a trucker that that has SURF written on it does not make you a surfer
  • You can stretch later – you’re having way too much fun, come on live a little
  • So you think you can start your own business – good luck buddy
  • What’s are your family going to think
  • Who’s really your friend anyway…


and all that jazz


Your INTUITION is that deep, gut sure feeling and sense of knowledge that anchors you. It gives you a direction, a purpose and a sense of true north. Even on tiny moments. It’s a feeling first. Not a bunch of chatter. It’s the calm and rationale voice. 

  • It’s the KNOWING
  • It’s feeling connected
  • It’s the VERY FIRST thought that comes into your head when you take time out to ask an important question
  • It is your inner compass to your ultimate vitality road map
  • It’s the self belief, the determination and the grit that makes you who you are


The power of separating your ego from your intuition

The one thing that separates amazing from average when we walk our path and live with conviction is the ability to do the work and understand the difference between the society driven inner voice (AKA BOB) and the true north that you absolutely have, to make great informed decisions and trust your own judgement.

The challenge is to quieten your mind to let your own inner knowledge, confidence and conviction appear.  You don’t need all the answers – but you know it feels on point. Business, personal, health and spiritual – it’s all the same. 

be driven by your heart not your head Here’s a simple way to tell the difference: 

Imagine BOB  (your inner voice) was on the chair next to you right now as you were trying to concentrate and read this. Yappering away, non stop chatter, in your ear, interrupting your thoughts and distracting you from purpose and focus. You really just want to tell that voice to be quiet and stop talking.

Somewhere, off in the distance is your intuition – just busy being you. Doing your own thing and waiting to be connected and noticed. But you need to find the mental space to see and hear this. To feel at one with what’s authentic in your decision making.

Don’t get me wrong. This is strategic thinking for CEO’s just as much as it is for a first time business owner or mumpreneur.

  • This is about tapping into your why, being aware and leading from within.
  • This is about unlocking your power within. Or as Tony Robbins says “unleash the power within“.
  • Ditch the stories and the excuses and get connected the values, purpose and senses that really drive you. It’s pretty cool.

Don’t over complicate things with a bunch if internal chatter that is not serving you. Filter out the ‘white noise’ and connect with the real certainty or inner guide we all have. 


So, how does this relate back to me and my little tennis story?

Today – I listened to my intuition. I swopped a morning run with a walk with Roxy on the beach, and then spent 20 minutes SLOWLY stretching. I’ll do some more tonight. I’ll play tennis again tomorrow – but I know that I need to create calm and calibration for my body to recover and keep these energy levels sustainable.

Plus it’ a huge work week for me so I like to reserve energy for creativity and problem solving with clients. 

If you feel the inside voice is taking over your instinct – then take a nano break, quiet your mind, pause and ask yourself what ever the most burning question is you need to get some direction on right now. THE FIRST answer that pops up is the correct one. The rest is just clutter.  You don’t need to make excuses – you just need to make good decisions.

Trust your intuition – not your inner voice. There is a big difference.

I hope today’s post sparked some food for thought – and perhaps you will also come up with a name for your inner voice as well, it makes it easier to recognise it and ignore it!


Here’s a couple of cool podcasts you might like to listen to off the back of this blog post

Trevor Hendy and I chat Awareness

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A great book that may do a better job at helping you sort the internal noise out The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. Shared this before but no harm in sharing again 😉 



Reach out, leave a comment, book a call, get online coaching – what ever I can do to help just let me know.

Yours in Mojo Making







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