Yoga 101: Triangle Pose For Beginners

_MG_0041Yoga 101: Triangle Pose For Beginners

I love that Yoga is not just about going to a class  – but rather you can learn and build on the poses you master as you go, bringing this seamlessly into your week as you practice at home. I like to integrate small moments of zen into your routine. I am by no means a yogi – but I love the process it creates as you get to strengthen, lengthen and rejuvenate body and soul.

Here is my YOGA 101 pose for this week.


The Triangle Pose  (Trikonasana)

Benefits: Builds strength and balance, creates space and stretching in your lower back  – it is a wonderful pose to strengthen, lengthen and balance.

Works: Knees Hamstrings, lower back and great for achy feet even – overall balancing and rejuvenating pose

How To Do Triangle Pose:

tvcyoga_trianglestart1. Start with your feet together in mountain pose – with arms by your sides – then take a strong wide step out to the side  – adjust your feet to step as wide as you can


2. Raise your hands to should width  – stretch from fingertip to fingertip – suck your belly in and push your hips forward so you are straight and strong.


3. Turn your left foot inward and your right foot to 90 degrees, bending the right knee to 90 degrees. You may have to gently adjust your feet to ensure your knee is not over your toe and your thigh is parallel to the ground. Take your time.

tvcyoga_triangle14. Use a mirror if you can to check both heels are in line (or take a quick look as I do in the video to check).


5. Sink your hips towards the ground take a deep breath in, suck in your belly, lengthen your arms and reach down with the right hand  – elbow resting gently on the knee and left arm extended to the sky/ceiling.



tvcyoga_triangle26. Reach, look up towards the top arm, keeping your hips forward and gently supporting the right knee back.

Evenly distribute your weight between the back and front legs.

Ground your feet ensuring even your little toe on your back foot is on the floor. Breathe, stretch and exhale.


7. Remember this pose is about balance so keep checking that every part of your body is in line and strong, don’t let your hips roll forward or your arms sag. Think strong and long.

8. When you are ready, inhale and bring your arms back into one line,  lifting your upper body into the centre and then feet facing forward – BEND your knees before your step up to avoid jarring as you come back to mountain pose.

Note your bottom hand does not need to touch the ground. It is more important to have the full length of both arms outstretched and your hips in the correct position. Use a block or yoga prop to help if you need it.


GETTING STARTED WITH YOGA? Here’s some behind the scenes top tips.



As always – have fun, share, comment and connect.

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