Yoga 101: Tree Pose For Beginners 

This weeks Fitspo Friday is the Tree Pose: Vrksasana

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Benefits: Mindfulness, centering, rebalancing, high and leg strength, opening

Works: Legs, hips, pelvis, torso, mind

How To:

This is one pose that should be practiced according to your own level – not necessarily what you see others doing. We show the beginner pose that really works your inner thigh muscles and helps compression in the lower abdominal region as well.
TVC_treeposestartStep 1. Start with your feet together and toes in line. Transfer your weight to your right leg and pull the kneecap up, tightening your quads, gluteus and entire leg  – keeping it as straight and as centered as possible.

Suck your belly in, shoulders back but relaxed and eyes forward.





TVC Tree Pose 3Step 2: With your right hand reach down and grab your foot from underneath – use your left hand to help bring your knee and left leg up near your right hip in a kind of triangle position.

Bring your left hand into your chest; bringing your shoulders back and hips square to the front.

If you foot can stay locked in this position near your pelvis then you can release your right hand and bring this up to the left palm centered in your chest. If not,  keep holding the foot with the right hand and the left hand up is across your chest and centered.


Step 3: Hold this pose all the time focusing on your belly, your spine being long, your standing leg strong, your hips in line and shoulders back.

Avoid rolling the shoulders forward by pulling the shoulder blades together. Breathe gently and with purpose. Calibrate here. Soften your face; your eyes and your thoughts should be about breath and balancing this with your body and mind.

When ready, gently release the left foot to come to the ground and move your hips and legs to release the pose. Then close your standing postures with Namaste – hands in front of you, palms together.

3 Top Tips For Getting Started.

1. Trust your body – adjust and readjust as you work through a pose. Don’t rush.

2. Use your gluteus – all day every day! Switch those babies on when you are walking, working, talking, what ever it takes. It seems we have forgotten to engage our biggest muscle

3. Breathe – the importance of quality breath cannot be underestimated. Really concentrate on breathing into your lungs, breath through your nose as much as your can and heal your mind and your body through breath if you are feeling stressed.


health & happiness

Nikki x

PS: Leave a comment below if you’re loving the Fitspo Friday challenges and want to have more!


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  1. Jessica on March 26, 2015 at 4:53 pm

    I am so happy to have found this blog. Your confidence and drive to educate readers to love and embrace themselves is inspiring..


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