Why is it so great to workout in the morning? What’s all the fuss about. ?

Here’s 5 benefits straight away, that should have you jumping out of bed and into your running shoes before you can say SNOOZE:

Kick starts your metabolism
Fires up your muscles
Clears your mind
Increases fresh oxygen for a healthy heart
You’ve done your workout for the day

“Research suggests in terms of performing a consistent exercise habit, individuals who exercise in the morning tend to do better,” says Cedric Bryant, PhD, chief science officer with the American Council on Exercise

If you have trouble being motivated and keeping workouts consistent, I recommend you wake up and work out straight away. Get your exercise in before daily tasks and a busy life intervenes. It kick starts your metabolism by increasing your body temperature after sleeping, gets fresh blood flowing around your body which helps with a healthy heart and mind.

How to start the habit

In my experience with clients: for  a new task or routine to become a habit we set the goal for 7 times in a row. It has pretty much always worked. If don’t try you won’t know!

So aim to do this for the following 7 days:

A) SUPER EASY START: As soon as you wake up get straight out of bed. DO NOT hit the snooze button. Do 10 push ups, 10 crunches and 10 deep breaths in and out. That’s it.

B) EASY START: As soon as you wake up get straight out of bed. DO NOT hit the snooze button  – Do the Wake Up Workout

Emma & Nikki Noosa Run

Pic Sam Frysteen

C) ON A MISSION TO MAKE A CHANGE: As soon as you wake up get straight out of bed.

DO NOT hit the snooze button  – Throw on your work out gear, grab your fav music, head out the door and run or walk, even a cycle, for 15 minutes one way – turn round and come back.

Job DONE. Double the time if you have it.


Super tired? Not a “Morning Person”

Start with getting a good nights sleep and going to bed earlier: Many people suffer from restless sleep patterns or insomnia. Often a sign that you’re not looking after yourself, got things on your mind, and more often than not can be depleted in essential minerals and amino acids.

I’d recommend starting with a good regular time to go to bed. Ditch the iPad and pick up a book or a magazine instead for a while. Make your notes for the next days goals or tasks so they are not swimming around in your head. Go on a screen detox. Have a herbal tea and or your final protein shake etc. Take some pure magnesium plus powder before sleep.

My optimal sleep time is usually 6 hours – for some reason that seems to work for me, for others it’s 7 or 8. Find your natural bio-rhythm and adjust sleep times accordingly. Plus give yourself a couple of extra hours wind down time. So aim to be in bed by before 10:00 pm if you want to wake up ready to go by 06:00 am.

For tips on breaking the insomnia habit check out a previous post (I might have written at 2am…)

Day time balance: To get relaxed and bring more balance into your mind and body then think about taking a NANO break during the day. This will help regulate your blood sugar levels as well, decrease stress and provide a more natural rhythm for your body clock

If you’re not a morning person and never have been then perhaps just go for the basic metabolism booster of getting straight out of bed when you wake up. Without evening worrying about the exercise bit – wake up, get up and think about your breathing, visualise your day ahead and provide a positive mindset. It is always possible to create a new habit by repeition and more often than not you’ll look back and forget it was such a challenge.

Keep it simple, keep doing it, keep the results. The better you look after your body the better your body will look after you.

See you out there bright and early!

Health & Happiness

Nikki x

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Try this exercise for a kick start in the morning

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