Are you Unfunkable? Why it’s crucial to be self aware in business and in life – it’s not always about being on a high.

Everyone celebrates being positive, goal setting and striding through life. All good and let’s not stop doing that. However this week in my Monday Mojo I’d wanted to bring equally positive attention to the opposite. To being OK with the moments you lose your ‘mojo’ and seem to be in a funk. 

These are actually crucial in your path for sustainable success.

“There are cracks in everything, that’s how the light gets in”

It’s what you do with the funk times that creates the magic. I poignantly want to add that this is not choosing a path of being a tortured soul – as many creative geniuses I know struggle each day with finding the light in their day. Please have a little read down the bottom of this post as I think it’s important we look after those who are dealing with deeper depression.

First, however I want to talk about those of us who are lucky enough to see the world with rose tinted glasses, rich in opportunity, ideas and who like to do things with life. What do YOU do when you get into a funk and can’t seem to shake it. 

Here are my 3 Mojo Maker Tips

1 Don’t fight the funk

  • Often we are so busy fighting the funk and trying to get out of it, masking the feeling or just ignoring it completely we are not listening to the signals that ‘down’ period may be giving us. 

2 No one is unfunkable*

  • Even the most energetic, focused and purposeful people find themselves in a funk every now and then. Some more than others.

3 Being curious with the funk

  • I may have been in a funk this weekend – which translated into me feeling pretty ‘flat’, lacking my usual extraordinary amounts of vitality and more pensive than usual. So I knew I needed to press pause and create some space to regroup and tap into all that I was doing. 

I spent a well earned day at home, sat back and allowed my mind to just wander. Played some music that inspired me, walked Roxy as much as possible and just let it be. To see where it took me. To be curious with the feeling of ‘meh’ not fearful of it. I knew there was some greater wisdom to come out of the peace and mental space if I would allow myself to create it.

What was I missing, where could I add more value and what small elements did I need to bring back into to reignite my creative and mental mojo.

Time well spent! 

There is no timeline for unfunking yourself – but the more you recognise these moments to reflect, pause, regroup and move on; the easier you will move through any unnerving feelings that have you a little off centre and out of your mojo. 


Be authentic. In leadership and in life we must give ourselves permission to pause and make good decisions from within. To acknowledge the moments that may require us to listen to our bodies, to slow down, to review a deal in more detail or reflect on the feeling we have when around another person’s company.

This is all about living consciously. Being your best. 

CLICK HERE TO READ ON – I’ve linked back to a podcast about coping with uncertainty for today or go straight to the mindset and me time category on my blog. 

Helping others or getting help for you:

Feeling out of sorts and down all the time is not always a ‘choice”. I feel it’s important to point out that many people suffer from depression that goes beyond “losing their mojo”. 

It can be hard to fathom this if you’re a driven and motivated person and someone close to you or perhaps someone you work with just can’t “get their act together” or is constantly in a state of gloom or lacking energy and direction. Please have some empathy. 

It’s not a matter of snapping out of it. 

Coping with depression can be crippling and is not something people willingly choose. If this is the case to someone in your immediate vicinity – then you have a couple of options:

  1. Firstly if you know them well ask if they would like to talk, need some help or you point them in the right direction.
  2. Then/or reach out to the experts and get some more information such as your organisation HR department or if it’s family/friends Beyond BlueBlack Dog Institute and One Wave are great organisations with a wealth of support information and people you can call. 

Overall no one needs to feel alone and your actions may just be the support someone needs to feel a little let isolated. If this sounds like you then please reach out by LinkedIn message, email me or head to the links above. 



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* yep we have added ‘unfunkable’ to the Niktionary 🙂 




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