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Why it’s crucial to communicate where you’re at, have clear 90 day goals and plan winning weeks when business ramps up.

How do you keep in control and avoid getting too stressed out when all those commercial manifestations you’ve been working so hard on suddenly come to fruition and it all takes off? How do you balance busy?

Believe me, you’re not the first one to have this happen and you won’t be the last but what can differentiate you from everyone else is how you deal with that process. 

Being an ultimate leader in life is not ignoring your personal or your well being as you build your commercial bank balance.

My tip to you is, remember not to forget to do your 90 day plans and your winning weeks and clearly communicate to those people around you where you’re at right now.

Not everyone needs to understand the tenacity, the hard work and the dedication that’s required for you to go the next level, but it does help for them to at least have a little bit of insight and clear communication out of respect from you for their time as well. 

How can you expect other people to give you support if you don’t clearly communicate what you need?

Are you being disciplined with your own planning?

First and foremost most CEOs, start up businesses or entrepreneurs I start working with are not doing the basic work. As growth kicks in they let things run away from them when workload scales so fast. They use busy as an excuse and do not do the work on their 90 day plans and planning their winning week. It’s very easy to switch back and get into the drivers seat. Be purposeful.

We must stay focused and anchored even more so as your commercial goals and deadlines move at lightening speed.

Integrating your time of health and well being, friends, family and personal admin along with everything else. 

  • Yes, this is going to be a tight spot.
  • Yes, it’s going to be exhausting and you’re going to feel that you’re scrambling at times but you are in the drivers seat and that’s what’s important.

However the great result is you get to design a life that you love at the pace that you feel is right.

If it’s going really fast, it’s exciting, don’t forget to check in and make sure that you’re not ignoring those people that you love, your teams, stakeholders and those who were there for you in the beginning.

The ones that support you unconditionally are still going to be there for you but it’s vital to respect their space and time as well as your own.

Balancing Busy

Be mindful as your work on your journey.

  • Your health is your wealth and your personal relationships are valuable. Money can’t buy those true connections.
  • Look after your family.
  • Nurture your friends and have fun while you’re building your business. 

Remember, Founder and Leadership Vitality is about being healthy, wealthy and wise.

  1. Plan your winning weeks.
  2. Make sure you’ve got a clear 90 day plan and have the discipline to do that work.
  3. Regroup at the end of every day and keep an eye on what you’re doing with your time. Don’t put your head down too much that you forget to acknowledge the environment around you. 

Most importantly, you are the leader whether you’re at home or work, running your business or leading a large organisation, it’s up to you to design the weeks that you want. 

If you feel stuck, confused, overwhelmed and stressed just reach out. Hit me up on Instagram at nfogdenmoore, on Facebook at nfogdenmoore or send me a message via LinkedIn.

Yours in Vitality and extra doses of Mojo




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