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Top tips on how you can shake out the cobwebs and kick start some new momentum on your healthy living goals by creating a bucket list of fitness ideas for weekday super heroes, weekend warriors and creating a fit family.

For some reason as people get older they stop the art of playing and having fun for fitness and get all caught up in gym routines, old silly diet myths and hard core workout expectations.

As of today you have my permission to get a fresh perspective on what fitness can really look like. It’s time to stop pushing yourself with exercise you don’t enjoy to trying something new just for the fun of it.


Why mix it up?

Changing your workout routine is essential every 4-6 weeks to help keep your body and mind on it’s toes.

If you’re always doing the same routine and workouts then you’ll reach a plateau will probably notice that you’re only making minor gains and changes with the same if not more amount of effort.


Our physiological/muscular aspects adapt to routines within 6 weeks so changing the workouts and mixing things up helps ensure you can prevent your body from reaching a stalemate when  it comes to seeing results for the time you are putting in.

Grab a pen and paper and create your fitness bucket list

Create three columns and write a list of workouts, sports, exercises, activities under each heading.

  1. Weekly activity (what you fit easily into your week as a new routine)
  2. Personal Challenge (what goal can you set yourself in 4-6 weeks time or more)
  3. Adventure (what big adventure or bigger distance goal or achievement have you always thought about doing)

Choose the 3 most compelling, the ones that excite you the most  – 1 from each list and get into researching how you can make those happen.


Remember – you can create the life and the body you want. With the right mindset and a fresh perspective think differently about exercise and what will serve you best now.

Yours in Ultimate Vitality






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