TVC080 Courage With Darcy Higgins

Welcome to Episode 80 – Courage with Darcy Higgins. After a decade of working with high achievers and growing a deep connection as part of the Vitality family, one of the many things I feel proud of is the awesome people I get to coach and work with one-one, from different parts of the globe.

From very established entrepreneurs and leaders, who are working on legacy and what’s next, high performing global intrepreneurs creating their impact inside organisations and the dynamic individuals with whom we bring to life their personal and commercial healthy, wealthy, wise trifecta. I LOVE what I do.

Every so often I get to share their story.

 One of these individuals is Darcy Higgins.

Now based in Byron Bay, I met Darcy running along the beach on the Sunshine Coast one day and he walked up and said – hey are you that speaker/coach? He explained that he’d just bought an amazing house, moved in with his new wife and was going to start nursing study, but that he had a long way to go. Lots of positivity flowing in that moment.

What you won’t know is at that day Darcy found it very difficult to clearly talk and articulate what he wanted to say. He’d had to learn speech all over again. After a freak head on motorbike accident at an intersection so close to his house.

He’d had to re-build his entire body and learn to move, function and become independent. Something you would never have noticed until you started to really have a conversation. Fit and fierce he was determined and obviously curious about life.




A year later and Darcy reaches out.

Darcy was a on a mission. To fight for the best life possible – he continued to have massive personal challenges and in 2017 decided it was time to stand up for what comes of courage and conviction:

· To share his story to inspire others, to go to schools to teach high school kids how to be confident, clear and live a life on purpose.
· To find his purpose on a deeper level and create a brand, a calling and a platform that was authentic.
· To not fall into depression but to face his deepest fears head on and reach out for what lay ahead.

Today, as you’re reading this Darcy just got back from the second of two epic overseas adventures.

One by motorbike and the most recent one by foot.

This is the first interview we did together, his very first go at sharing his story.


Just the fact Darcy was brave enough to come on camera and practice his public speaking in itself is a fantastic reflection of the values and drive. If there are things you may want to be doing but you find yourself sitting on the wheel of excuses or procrastinating. What are you waiting for? No one else is going to get up and do the work for you. Just get started.

Reach out if you need some Mojo to turn the corner and see what may lie ahead. There is no greater feeling than when you take a leap of faith – whatever the outcome we always learn and it feels great to have choice not chance.

Doing the Work

We’ve been working together since mid year to build what his brand his, the core message, practice learning to write blogs, to speak in public, to create his brand identity and also a new website. It’s not just the go to market, it’s the confidence, the connection and the self belief we have also worked with Darcy on. Bespoke. An ultimate vitality roadmap for sustainable success.

A heck of a project and he’s a fantastic example of our Founder VitalityTM Program.

I’m looking forward to sharing more of this incredible journey with you as we have him back on the show this month.

But to kick off – here’s a message from Darcy on why you should never give up, why health is so very VITAL and that personal success comes from knowing when to ask for help.

You can catch a little glimpse on his Instagram – before his new site goes live.

Watch the interview directly above or click here to visit it on VitalityCoachTV

I hope this story inspires you today to use your week ahead well. To live, work and lead with purpose. To get up in the morning with curiosity, not fear. To invest in building real sustainable success and ultimate vitality in all you do.

This is it. One life. Yours to lead, live, laugh, love and create a meaningful ripple effect along the way. Enjoy the journey.

Darcy, welcome back.

To all of you I coach, connect and work with on all levels – thank you for giving me my purpose too.


Yours in Vitality 



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