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There’s a real struggle for many people at the moment with so much going on in our lives. Technology that saves time is reducing our time out,  we’re almost never ‘off’. So why do we still use the same script and rules for balancing our week and managing our schedules that we did 10-20 years ago, when clearly our time management landscape has changed?

By thinking about your week every week and creating a game plan you can:

  • reduce stress
  • look at how you’re going to use your hours wisely
  • press pause before answering emails and phone calls
  • generate space for you to operate to your full potential

That’s todays’s podcast is all about designing your Winning Weeks. It’s a crucial part of my Vitality Road Map™ program and has been for years. 

My top 5 tips on Designing Your Winning Week

How to rewrite your rule book and blend healthy, wealthy, wise aspects during your week.

1 Plan Your Week, Every Sunday

I know this sounds completely simple, and most people start off doing a great job but they stop being disciplined about it. 

You need to be disciplined because if you don’t plan the week you want you’ll get the one you’re given.

2 Be Practical

You’re not the fairy godmother or a wizard where everything in the whole list is going to be possible. What vital commitments do you have and what is VITAL for you to achieve. Identifying these across all areas of work and home life is important to ensure you are chipping away at your goals. 

Make It Visible:

6 Pillars of Vitality Nikki Fogden-MooreI sit down with a piece of paper, turn it landscape and I map out my top 6 pillars of a winning week.  

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Admin/career/productivity/client work
  • Family commitments
  • Friends I want to catch up with
  • Me time
  • Giving Back

All of those  6 pillars are across the top of that page – in one row. Then I assign a few MUST do’s under each pillar heading

For example for health and well being this week I’m going to plan some runs in, yoga, a massage this week and I’m doing some mini meditation minutes. 

My health and wellbeing also means eating healthy, making sure I have good groceries and getting the food order or whatever else organised so I can choose that I’m fuelling my body as well as the fitness aspects of the week.

The second pillar I go through is what core client deliveries do I need to do this week?  What are my vital areas of business? Who am I checking in with? What am I delivering on and then also what about personal and business admin; invoices, bill payments, insurances.

I always check in every week on my KPI’s and my commercial goals like I recommend to my clients.

I do the same thing, and I look at areas that might be coming up that I need to red mark or ear mark for planning and succession as well. My personal admin and finance, my client’s career productivity deliverables. What workshops am I giving? Who am I doing personal coaching courses with this week? What people do I need to follow up with in terms of new inquiries? Where are the vital areas that my attention needs to go to in terms of my career productivity and my personal admin.

  • Note if it is an end of a quarter,  you’re going to need more time to work on your budgets and your taxes. Don’t leave those things to the last minute.

3 Make Time for Family In Your Planning

The next thing coming up in my week is family. For those of you that know me very well, or follow me on social media, I actually live away from all of my family. I connect with my family via Skype, phone calls, I send hand written cards out and I really make a list of who do I need to connect with.

Who am I missing? Have I caught up with my sister, my parents? I actually list out what I want to do in terms of my family this week. What responsibilities do I have as well.

4 Who Are You Hanging Out With

The other pillar that I then look at is friends.

  • Who am I hanging out with this week? Who do I miss and want to connect with?
  • Who do I owe a phone call to? I’ve got one of my best friends, she’s Swedish and she lives in Amsterdam. I  give her a message and plan a time to Skype call her and connect upon everything. A quick note is better than nothing. Let people know you are thinking of them. 
  • Where do you want to put some vital nourishing friend time into your week?

If, for example, you’ve got people that are asking to spend time of you, but they don’t form part of that core area that you need to or want to spend time with, you can simply say “At this point I’m fully booked,” or “Thank you very much. I’ll get back to you.”

You don’t have to divide yourself across everyone. You really have to be specific as to who you’re hanging out with when you’re exceptionally busy and you feel like you’re pulled in all directions, you have to learn the art of gracefully saying no.

5 Practicing Me Time and Planning It In

Where is your me time? Me time isn’t necessarily exercise. It’s not specifically going off and spending time with friends. It’s really time on your own.

  • It’s time to pause and to calibrate.
  • It’s really moments where you’re getting yourself back to being present.


I’ve schedule me time in for 10 minutes every day. 


In order to be a high performing individual you need to be able to regather your thoughts, rejuvenate and collect yourself for further momentum.


The other pillar I always do every week is Giving Back.

This may be mentoring, random acts of kindness, following up on social media requests for giveaways or donations and time in for the charities I support. Even simple little things as to creating a box of goodies for the neighbour’s kids is fun and it adds value to other peoples lives.

Say thank you to people, smile and engage with people. Being a good human is really important, so what’s part of you giving back in your week. 



+ 2 Helpful hints on really making Winning Weeks happen:

Getting Out Of Your Own Way

  • What do you think is stopping you from achieving this planning of this winning week?
  • What are your roadblocks to planning and sitting down weekly and being in control of your life?
  • Why do you start out with this great intention and it never happens?

Be Flexible: Your goals are going to change

Every 90 days you’re going to have a slightly different focus. A key topic that pops above everything else that you need to ensure forms part of this tapestry of being an awesome individual and is part of your weekly action plan.

Without a winning week you won’t have a winning month, a winning year and a winning life. You’ll just end up having your agenda control you.

It’s just so crucial to make time to figure it where you’re spending your time, how you’re spending your time and what you’re doing with that?  To be a leader in life, we must be a leader in both our business and our personal vitality. That is really the gem, is blending those things together. 

Start small. Don’t overdo things and keep focused on what’s truly important to you. 

Yours in Vitality


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