TVC063remarkabilitySqrTVC063: Remarkability With Rowdy McLean

What makes individuals great, do their personal best and be their personal best?

It’s the focus on being remarkable.

I’m fortunate enough to be in a very special Mastermind group with international super star speakers, authors and coaches Rowdy McLean, Jane Anderson and the fabulous Keith Abraham.  My dream team.

Keith and I have done a couple of podcasts already on living your purpose and how to kick procrastination once and for all – so I asked Rowdy on my show to talk all things Remarkability.

Remarkability is just going beyond the vanilla, the plain, the same-old same-old, the day-in day-out, the stuff that everybody else does. It doesn’t take much to be remarkable, you’ve just got to step up above the crowd and that’s pretty easy to do. Rowdy

Here’s how you can develop the mindset and skills to be Remarkable:

First up have the right mindset

The one thing we all have complete control in our day is our mindset. If you’re not back in control, you’re not off to a very good start.

Why do you think people get challenged with actually having a positive mindset and they quickly go into the stories of, I got stuff in traffic, my kids were sick, I feel horrible. Why do you think it’s such a struggle for people to get that remarkable mindset.

I think the world leverages drama much more than it leverages possibility or positivity. For some reason, the western world got caught up all in this – the more drama, the more attractive it is. So you pick up a newspaper and the first ten pages are all about drama. You hop on the nightly news and the first news items are all about bad stuff.

I called it “fear-mongering”. You either make decisions from fear or you make them from an opportunity perspective. When I coach people, I say “Are you making a decision because you’re afraid, or are you making a decision because you see an opportunity in it?”

Be Conscious

I think one of the best things to do is just be conscious today about what is everybody else around you doing and try and do that little bit better than them. Like you just said, opening a door for somebody, giving a lovely hello to someone. “It’s as simple as doing the stuff you wouldn’t normally do and the stuff that other people wouldn’t normally do”.

If you repeat that, those little tiny things time after time after time, you’re energy will change. Not only that, your perception, people’s perception of you will change.

Lead by example. If you want other people to display remarkable behaviour, then ask yourself every day what can I do today that makes me a great human.

  • Can I listen to my staff more, can I provide more time for people to delete up and outward, can I actually listen to my kids and find out what’s going on at school?

I think the power of being conscious and pressing pause and knowing that everything you do has a ripple-effect is probably point two, that on an every day basis you can be remarkable by just being conscious of others around you and by leading by example.

Sometimes we turn up at work and our mind’s on the next meeting or it’s on the trouble that’s going on at home or sometimes where you go to have a cup of coffee with a friend and they’re checking their emails. Wherever you are, just be present, right there, completely, a hundred percent. Even that’s just remarkable because people just aren’t present. Leaders aren’t present and employees are wondering what’s going on, “how come it doesn’t seem like the person that I’m working for is there” and it’s because you’re just not present. People pick up on that.

Ask for Help

Remarkable people aren’t afraid to reach out to their dream team, to check in with people they respect when they hit roadblocks and either process the situation via a conversation or genuinely ask for help. Identifying road blocks and assessing who can help you through those is crucial for momentum and being straight forward.

Part of your dream team is having that go-to person sometimes who will just listen. We shouldn’t be afraid to talk to somebody else because quite often all we’re doing is verbalising our own solution.

The 3 Remarkability Nuggets from Rowdy

  1. Stay Strong – Avoid stories and stick to the facts
  2. Own Your Attitude – Don’t Blame Others
  3. Get Some Grit – Don’t give up

The 3 Remarkability Nuggets from Nikki

  1. See possibility and positivity in all situations. There is ALWAYS a solution
  2. Press Pause – don’t panic, stop, think and really ask yourself the facts vs the story. Lead from within
  3. You get to write your own script: Don’t let others view points or your own past perceptions cloud your future judgement. Keep it real, simple and always trust yourself.  You are in charge of your destiny, your actions and how you deal with life.

Hopefully Rowdy and I have given you a little bit of ignition today and some ammunition to start living the life that you love and to be remarkable as a leader.

If you’re a CEO, if you’re managing a team, or if you’re a mother, or just a parent or you’re even just a teacher at school, whatever you’re doing today, remember that your actions have the ability to be remarkable for others.


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About Today’s Guest

International speaker, coach and all round great human Rowdy McLean.

Rowdy grew up in a little country town. went to Sydney to play a professional football, then college, and started a communications company. Retired at 34, ten years later and bored playing golf, Rowdy started working for companies turning their business around. The rest they say is history. 

Rowdy – or #RowRow as I call him,  speaks at conferences and events about playing a bigger game.

His book “Playing Bigger Games” is published in seven countries.

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