TVC062_ The key to ultimate success podcast Nikki Fogden-MooreTVC062 The Key To Ultimate Success

Achieve Your Ultimate Success By Bringing Business and Personal Vitality To Life.

How integrating healthy, wealthy and wise is the key to ultimate in long term success.

I always say you need to run your body like you do your business.

Know your personal goals as well as your business goals and ensure these 2 pillars are blended within a winning week.

Seems pretty straightforward, so why does this effortless energy for both business and life together, elude so many leaders at home and in business?


First up – learn to integrate not negotiate your time.

Work Life Balance is a myth – the actual results come when you have a work life blend – a fully integrated week that enables you to work on building your business and your personal life to reach it’s potential. Without throwing one area out for the other.

Know Your Why:

  • When is the last time you re-evaluated your personal goals and definition of success alongside your business ones?
  • What does true success and vitality mean to you? If you can’t clearly define it – then you’ll get what you’re given.

Just like businesses our personal and health goals need to be realigned as experience, life phases and priorities change.


When you do your business planning or 90 day health checks on the bottom line, why not check in on your personal goals and wellbeing as well.


Secondly understand that Ultimate Vitality is living a life that encompasses the 6 pillars of Vitality® Daily.

1. Health and Wellbeing – fitness, food, time out, de-stress

2. Admin/Productivity/Career and Future Proofing – budgets, business, career development, succession planning and growth – know your books at home as well as work

3. Family time – quality time NOW

4. Friends who you genuinely enjoy the company of – choose wisely

5. ME Time – specifically without distractions, just a complete re-boot

6. Giving Back – can be by spending some quality time with your kids, mentoring someone at work or doing something small on a local level.. Simplicity and authenticity are the key elements.


It seems like a lot to fit into one day. The answer is it’s not – it’s just about changing your perspective on what healthy, wealthy and wise actually looks like and what the roadmap is to get there.


Finally: Get out of your own way:

Often the biggest barrier we have to achieving energy, harmony and sustainable success is our own stories about “how things should go”.

How the day should go, how many hours you should be at the office, what exercise should look like and the fact you “should” get home to your family.

There’s a lot of pressure that is not based on real facts at all. Just assumptions and an old mindset.


As a leader at work you are also a leader in life. Communicate your goals, share your successes, inspire others to lead their best life in and out of the office. Our work if truly aligned, is an extension of ourselves.


Our personality, skills, knowledge and approach needs to shine through at all levels in the boardroom and at home.

  • Review personal and wellbeing goals every 90 days like you do your business
  • Make family time and fitness transparent in your agenda
  • Be clear about your priorities without grand gestures – consistency is key
  • Lead by example


Be accountable, be transparent, re-assess goals and your day to day time allocation regularly. If it’s not adding to your Vitality Bank then most likely you’re making withdrawals on your overall financial and happiness results.

To master ultimate success we must learn to be the CEO of our life as well as our business.

Your’s as always in Vitality






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