tvc_3pillarsleadershipTVC057 The 3 Pillars For Ultimate Leadership In Business and in Life

In this podcast I share the top 3 pillars of creating change as a leader and living the life you love, not only in business but in life with your family, with your friends and just for yourself.

As a parent you’re a leader.

As a good friend you’re a leader.

As a colleague you’re a leader.

As a Manager, as a CEO, as a Senior Executive, you’re a leader.

We are all leaders in life.

Whether you’re running a business, building your own brand or just trying to balance family life with your own personal happiness – then you need this magic trifecta to have those around you acknowledge, understand and support what you do.

  1. Leading from within
  2. Leading by example
  3. How to lead others

Here’s what’s up on today’s post:

  • Why those three things all interconnect and are so vital for harmony, peace, and conviction when you really want to live a life you love – right now.
  • How can we create change, and be the change that we want to see
  • In the podcast I also discuss the power of the DNA model, recognising tight spots for growth and awareness. What to leave behind and what to take on with you each phase.

Here’s how

NikkiBeach_MeditationStep 1: Lead From Within 

There are really no short-cuts to having a life that you love.  It is actually about living it yourself.  So whether you are talking about managing change for your own life, managing that of a company, I want to talk to you about the role of leadership – of being the best person you possibly can.

What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matter compared  to what lies within us. Ralph Waldo Emerson:

It doesn’t mean that you have to be an expert in all these areas of life or business.  Contrary to the point, great leaders continue to learn, hone their skills, keep informed, and look for fresh ideas.

Whatever it is, you need to keep educating yourself; test out your theories; do your research; and believe in your plans that you put into place. From admin and finance to fitness and family – we continually learn and evolve if we’re open.

A great leader, a great parent, a great entrepreneur recognises the need to delegate too the values and skills that you need around you in your dream team.

Define your goals, then create a game plan.

Action those elements daily and weekly that reflect the direction you want to go.


leadbyexampleStep 2: Lead by Example

If you don’t walk the talk, and demonstrate by example with consistency and integrity, then how can you expect those around you, those you work with, or your kids, to do the same?

Great leaders don’t tell you what to do, they show you how it’s done.

Once you start leading from within and practice what you preach, and actually put best practice into place, you can start leading by example.

We are all decision makers in our lives, whether it’s inside an organisation or just our own day-to-day life.

  1. Do you want to grow a culture inside your family and inside your business that maintains it’s values.
  2. Do you want to have core performance.  To achieve what you want to do, and sustain it.
  3. Do you want to be agile with change, go with a new strategy, overcome roadblocks, being flexible to deal with everything that comes across your path is vital.

Recognise your actions are backing up your words. 

  • Is what you’re doing really reflecting who you want to be, how you want to lead, and how you want to lead the life that you love?


Leadership applies to all projects at home, just as much as business. If we can find a way to practice what we preach; if we can find it relevant and applicable for those around us, the results can be amazing.

If you get stuck and you wonder why your family are not stepping up, why not ask them? Don’t come from a place of fear, but come from a place of transparency and simplicity.


Roadblocks from others? 

Feeling unsupported? Often we don’t get support that we want as we have not actually asked for it. When’s the last time you asked for help?

Share your why – show your journey, and practice what you preach:

  • Are your team on board?
  • Is your family on board?
  • Are you communicating with clarity and conviction?

Be prepared for honesty back, and how you are going to use that information with objectivity.

We don’t have trust unless we see it in ourselves and in others.



leadingothersStep 3 Leading Others – Sharing Success and Be Inspiring. 

Leading others once you have your path on track.

By ensuring that you have a plan to lead others, you are going to have a stronger pillar of leadership. Recognise you need to get accountability on all levels.  


I know parents or managers that expect actions from their children or their team but never actually follow up, reinforce or guide the process themselves. 

Your and their personal accountability counts too.

  • How do you need others to communicate back to you?
  • Are you leading by example yourself?
  • How can you share your journey, experiences, and also what you have gone through, to help empower them to live the lives that they love?

I know that this sounds a little bit business like, but really we need to run our lives a little bit like a business.  If you don’t plan what you want, you’ll get what you’re given.

Try letting your kids give you gold stars when you do something positive.

When we truly lead from within, lead by example, we have a clear platform to genuinely lead others.  It builds trust and belief.  People who follow leaders truly believe in the principles and best practice they’re handing down.

You can constantly step back to evaluate on a daily basis, or even by the minute depending on how fast-paced your environment is.

Check in questions:

  • Are you staying connected to your initiatives?
  • Are you  monitoring your progress, sharing and getting feedback, and empowering others around you to implement the changes required?


Something powerful happens when we change from within; combined by leading by example, with a sense of personal accountability and experience, creating connections across all levels of our lives, and it usually starts right from you.  


And finally, above all else, do not underestimate the power of individual inspiration.

Find ambassadors within your organisation, or within your home, that can champion ideas with you.

Sharing your journey, connecting authentically, and empowering others with your strategy, your processes, and the challenges that you’ve overcome, is really incredible.

We all look to others to see the life that they love to live, and nothing is more fantastic than sharing the joy of achieving goals, smashing milestones, and creating winning weeks.

So to recap on 3 pillars for leadership:

The ultimate step is recognising that your actions speak louder than words.  

Are you asking yourself:

  1. What will it take to roll out the best of me; the best of our company; the best of the culture; the best of the shift, the processes, and the goals that we have?
  2. Have you tried and tested your own roadmap, and with a smaller team around you?
  3. Do they know the why with clarity and conviction?
  4. Do you truly believe in the merits, and demonstrate this with consistency, and lead by example?

If you can say yes to all these things you’re on a winning formula – an amazing trifecta of leading from within, leading by example, and leading others.

Have faith in your goals and remember creating impact and making a difference starts with leading from within.


Be the change you want to see.


Yours in Vitality

Coach Nikki






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