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When I asked Super Fast Business founder James Schramko to come on the show, I sent an email to him that says lets discuss, “The Myth of Work-Life Balance”. He wrote back and said, “No, It’s work life success. It’s how to work from anywhere at your schedule. It’s taking advantage of the routine you set, that’s what sets you free.”

His idea of defining the freedom that comes with success is spot on.

In this episode, you will learn how you can create a life with freedom and success with James approach of setting some tracks up for your  business to run smoothly and not get side tracked by internal conversations on the what’s coming up next.


We chat about:

  1. Redefining how you are going to live your life – throwing out the old stories and re-writing the script
  2. What is partitioning and how it works. (What I like to refer to as the elements of a winning week -J ames refers to this as partitioning
  3. How to create a balance between life and work through partitioning and planning.
  4. How can having the right routine can bring you freedom and success to your business.
  5. The right way to set filters, rules and structure, so that they work properly.

At first, when James decided to build his own business, he was overwhelmed with all his tasks. He explains

I didn’t have any constraints or any rules. I did whatever I wanted when I wanted it. Later on, I realised that I needed a routine that was structured. A routine that will help me roll the train along the tracks of my business. Removing the transfer of energy I spent whenever you try to figure out what do next, or what shall be doing now..I decided it was time to eliminate the discussions and make things super simple, fast.  


Partitioning also helped him a lot in creating his perfect routine. He said it’s like using a glass to hold water. You put boundaries that defines you focus. You can partition your tasks in a week

Set boundaries and key areas of influence for your week. (I refer to this as the Elements Of A Winning Week)

  • You can create time blocks and use scheduling tools.
  • Set open and closed days. Have the open days to execute your tasks, while the closed ones are for your use as you see fit. It’s your freedom time to do passion projects, recuperate or re-energize.

By doing this, you set filters, rules and structure to your routine.

Incorporating these techniques with the Five Elements of the Winning Week, you get to plan your week and get the winning week you want. By choosing how and who you want to spend you time with prevents you from being pulled in different directions.

You have to allot a time in finding out what life you really want, or you’ll get what the one you’ll be given. 


James tip: Stop selling your time. Instead, buy other people’s time.

Designate tasks that are time-consuming to people who can finish them more efficiently. It enables you to sell your products faster and continuously. Work only on things that have a high impact. Filter tasks and ensure you work on the IMPORTANT ones not the ones you might have marked urgent. 


Have an honest conversation with yourself. For you to be able to get anywhere, you have to start from within. No one is going to give you a lottery ticket. You are absolutely accountable for defining your priorities and your choices. What do you do with your time or what do you want to be doing with your life is all yours to take.


James suggests: Stand in front of the mirror. Make yourself accountable in unlocking everything that is going to happen next. Be prepared to pay the price, just like James Brown’s song “Pay the cost to be the boss”. There will be a risk-reward ratio. You might fail. It’s pretty good chance that you are going to have some challenges along the way, so you have to decide that it’s all worth it.


As an entrepreneur you have to earn at least 3 times the salary you would get if you work for a company. Of course, you are not limited to make it 20, 30, 40 or even 50 times more than that. Being an entrepreneur, running your own company takes a lot of dedication.


It takes focus. It is definitely challenging across all areas of your life, but don’t feel that you need to do it because it’s the end thing. You don’t need to change things for the sake of it. So if you do love your job and you are in a company that looks after you or you’re a CEO, that’s also perfectly fine, it’s more about “Are you living the life that you love?” and being able to be honest with yourself about it. 


The most important thing is to clarity:  What do you want in your life and what do you want it to be like. Life has no remote. You have to get up and change it yourself. There is no one anyone else to bring up your body tomorrow by FedEx.


The life that you create completely depends on you, so be inspired by that and don’t be afraid of it : “Start with list”,  it will help put everything to respective.

  1. Where do you want to be heading?
  2. How are you gonna get there?
  3. What is the most important thing that you need to do next? 


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