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Welcome back to The Vitality Coach Podcast as we kick off September with more from my Influencer Series. This episode I have the pleasure of interviewing  world leading Personal Trainer, Chris Dufey.


Producing excellent results and living a life you love requires balance, planning and consideration in business and all areas of life. Chris follows his passion everyday in business and in personal life and we thought it would be fantastic to chat about the importance of having a healthy Vitality Bank™.


Now based in Bali and having coached a wide range of clients for performance, physique and fitness competitors. Chris is an international presenter to both the general population and the professional Personal trainer.   A successful author, presenter and fitness competitor, to top it all off and why I love chatting with Chris, he lives and breathes health and fitness.


So today, we share how he makes that work. In this episode Chris and I talk about the role of running your body like a business.


Why  do so many people run successful companies, are great at their job,  have amazing titles and yet fall short on really having personal mojo?  How can you matches that same drive and passion for a financial bottom line and personal success?


We show you how to bring your Vitality Bank Balance Sheet back into balance.Here’s a quick look at some of the top tips:

  1. Plan 12 weeks ahead and then break down each 30 days. Work out where you are within the year and what is the focus for the next 90 days, then break that down into 30/7 days and immediate tasks.
  2. Include all elements from business, health and well being, friends/family and down time.
  3. Make time for yourself – daily.
  4. Set time in your agenda for well being, strategy and creative and STICK TO IT.
  5. Understand a healthy body and healthy mind go hand in hand – they are interlinked and vital for long term sustainable success.
  6. Focus on what is truly the PRIORITY. What is vital for you to have done and remember your why. Don’t go chasing too many rabbits, as Chris puts it, but rather focus on one at a time.
  7. Good habits become powerful rituals for daily purpose and routine. Find ones that work and don’t be afraid to think about your weekly plans per season.


How many days does it take to form a habit. How about thinking 66 instead of 21!

A lot of people are saying 21 days, however recently it has been said 66 days.

The importance of habit forming is keep focused on that one thing ..if you are trying to adopt multiple habits at once, you are really trying to put to much on your plate its never going to work. Keep it simple. Above all else – you create the life you want. You need to be 100% responsible for yourself. No one else is going to do it for you. Having accountability is empowering and brings with it clarity and conviction.


Complaining is absolutely pointless it does day no good so once you take responsibility for yourself and you know the bus stops with you and you have to take action, then you can really move on and… the next for me is getting super clear on what it is you want. Chris


Ignited and fired up? Great! Once you have started this journey of measuring your deposits into life and what is withdrawing your energy, don’t forget to celebrate the small milestones as you go.Take time out to calibrate and each week ensure you have a moment to be grounded to yourself and your surroundings. GET YOUR 5 ELEMENTS OF A WINNING WEEK WORKSHEET HERE OR go direct to the form below.


Chris and I encourage you to think not only of your business, but your personal goals and health and fitness goals . Both of us would like to help you on your journey. Leave us comments on the show notes and hop on over to check out Chris on or join the conversation on Facebook.

Remember you’ve got to respect the body you have because Fedex is not going to send you one tomorrow!

Don ‘t forget: If you have questions then Chris and I would love to hear from you.

Yours in Vitality

Coach Nikki

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