gym.58145TVC 017  –  Why Exercise Boosts Your Brainpower

Flex Your Mental Muscle with regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle!

In this podcast I’ve put together 3 top lifestyle tips and 5 exercise ideas that will restore your mental clarity and flex your brainpower. Exercise boosts the amount of fresh oxygen in our blood, improves circulation and can help reduce the harmful effects of stress. It’s the ideal balancer to a busy life and is essential for overall cardio health and wellbeing.

Based on my three key Vitality Pillars I help you reboot the hard drive and get the best out of you day.  A healthy diet and good exercise can help you think clearer, make better decisions and generally have a more productive days.

I hope this podcasts helps you think differently about exercise when you are busy balancing study, work, family, friends and your own fitness goals!


This weeks top review!

This is a gold medal podcast! — 5 stars (Angry bird dad from Canada)
As an Olympian I’ve spent my whole life around athletes who want to be fit, coaches who want to make them fit, and fans who really wish they were fit. This podcast is a goldmine for all three. It’s a rare expert who can really distill what you need to do and make it seem so simple and yet so effective. A great listen.

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