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Balancing your budget and your business when working with virtual teams… What about creating the culture for your brand with people you’ve never met?

In a growing online world where entrepreneurs, online marketers and stay at home mums are running businesses from anywhere – there’s been a huge rise in the number of virtual jobs up for grabs.

The job market has opened up online, businesses can run from anywhere.

All of a sudden Virtual VA’s, EA’s, freelancers, design, website gurus and experts in admin are popping up from India to Los Angeles and Ukraine to the Philippines.

Their promise: to help you make your work day easier and build the company you want.

A virtual team (also known as a geographically dispersed team, distributed team, or remote team) is a group of individuals who work across time, space and organisational boundaries with links strengthened by webs of communication technology. Source wikipedia

  1. So how do you know the best resource for you.
  2. Can we actually create a sustainable connection and culture with people you’ve never met?

greg merrileesWe’ll that’s exactly what today’s podcast is about.  Friend, and ‘mr online’ himself I chat Virtual Culture with Studio One Founder Greg Merrilees.  Greg shares his view about the power of finding virtual support for your products and service.

We know what it’s like to try and find your dream team, to grow your business and start the element of outsourcing or expanding your own team.

Which ever way you decide to go there’s still an art to creating a culture and placing some clear guidelines up front so you and your resources can be connected and engaged on the job at hand.

In this podcast we review

  • When’s the best time to think about bringing in extra support
  • How to you determine who you need and what tasks can be fulfilled
  • On-boarding your support people
  • Creating a culture that spans countries and timezones
  • The importance of personal connection
  • Being authentic
  • Recognising when you need a person in house rather than online representing you and your brand.

Team Vitality is made up of a combined resource from overseas design, transcription support to onsite business and customer relationship development, key design and style gurus: plus a little black book of much loved film crew, photographers and support staff who I’ve worked with for the last 10 years.

  • No matter what size of business you’re running when ever you bring new people into your business it’s important to recognise they are there to add value and feel like a part of the journey, as much as is relevant.
  • Don’t expect everyone to have your evangelistic drive for what you do and how you do it. be open to fresh ideas and be clear about expectations and deliverables from the get go.



Bringing your business and your brand to life with those you work with is a continued evolution and a fine balance that takes a combination of processes and passion to really make it work.

We learn as we grow and that goes for both sides of the entrepreneurial fence.

Culture can be created virtually you just need to define what that is in the first place and what it looks like for those that are working with you from afar.

Be professional, work out your budgets, your skills required and don’t skimp on the human factor of showing appreciation and connection to the bigger picture.

You get to write the script – do your research, determine your resource needs and ask around before you commit to a trail of VA”s that don’t fit your business.

At the end of the day remote or not it comes down to the person behind the email and the screen.

If you want to cultivate culture it needs to start from you too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s show and look forward to sharing more influencer conversations and top tips as this year develops, with an incredible lineup of guests.


Yours in Vitality






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Special thanks to Greg who’s just an all round nice guy – matched with the professional smarts to grow a successful business that focuses on the online world.


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Today’s testimonial and positive vibes courtesy of Steph Bartram one of my wonderful private coaching clients from 2015 we reconnected again for a 1 day workshop together. The best thing about working with clients who you really connect with is that you can provide the REAL support and advice they need, they actually apply it and together you can create a fast track, game changing road map to help them really achieve the and career they love. Thanks Steph for this wonderful reminder of why I love to work with you: 

Can I just tell you that I feel like a new part of me was unlocked on the weekend with you and I’m getting all these signs from the universe and feeling really strong about the know and give! I’m taking an hour to myself this afternoon to just sit quietly down..and write in a journal all the things that flood through my head because I feel like I’m at a very real transition point in my life. Thank you for being such an amazing part of my life xx you are the best Vitality Angel.


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