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Hi guys. Welcome back to The Vitality Coach Podcast.

You know it’s such an inspiring moment for me recording our show as I always get to speak to these incredible entrepreneurs and business people that are creating their life they love – with the reality of  struggle, challenges and just realising how hard it is just to go from running a business to being in the business. And today, I’ve got a special guest, Greg Merrilees CEO and founder of Studio One Design. He actually is responsible for helping me bring to life my new website which will be going live soon.


Why Greg?

Greg is  a great example of someone who’s found a destiny by being flexible in a changing marketplace and resourceful enough to bring together what he was good at and enjoyed, with a new avenue in business.


Greg shares his story:

About 5 years ago, the clothing industry took a bit of a turn if you’re like where the retailers were getting, sorry the wholesalers which were our clients were getting squeezed out by the retailers and therefore, you know, our clients we going out of business, the retailers were going directly to China or built their own design teams. So we started to get squeezed out, so I had to leave it and that’s when I started looking online. That was pretty much the pivotal point for me, you know, to get into the online space.

I did and I love listening to podcasts and you know, especially from high-level coaches like yourself, all this information out there is for free and as a listener, I think we’re all fools if we don’t take advantage of that. I just decided it was time for something new, agile and I could make design online come to life for online marketers and coaches….


This edition with Greg is about taking action,  to be flexible and to ask yourself “What can I do to step up to the next level?”. So wherever you are right now, it’s the right place to be.


Some quick takeaways from this great podcast on Creating The Life You Want:

a) what you put in is what you get out

b) reciprocity – always give back

c) keep learning, new skills, new challenges and growth are essential for forward momentum

d) make time to play – age should not be a reason you stop doing things you love.

e) choose your mentors and coaches well – do they really practice and resonate what they preach?

f) lead a balanced week – that includes quality sleep


And finally….Start NOW:

That’s why we do this, for you, so that you can get off the couch and get your ideas off paper and into action and start living the life that you want. There are some amazing elements in this podcast that will have you thinking – “I recognise that” and “if Greg can do it so can I”.


If something that Greg or I said resonates with you or we talked about the 90-day coaching plan and you want some help on that, then please leave a comment at the show notes because we’d love to hear feedback, plus both Greg and I love to answer your questions. I’ve also included a direct sign-up box for my most popular winning week formula. Just complete below and it will get you all sorted asap with those 5 elements.


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Hope you enjoy this edition of The Vitality Coach and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours in Vitality




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