8-Life-has-no-remote-get-up-and-change-it-yourselfTVC 052 Procrastination 101 with Keith Abraham

In this episode I  welcome back to the show motivational and success coach Keith Abraham,  so we can get straight to the heart of procrastination 101. Why it’s your worst enemy to truly achieve your goals and top tips on how to stop procrastinating and start doing!

A short, powerful and engaging episode with top tips to get you going straight away. The thing around procrastination is that ­­it is the greatest robber of self-esteem, diminishing self-confidence and self-discipline. From a vitality point of view, it’s so important to face a procrastination head on and take action now.  Just start focus on the journey and not on the outcome. For example; get out the door for 15 mins if you don’t like it, you can turn around and come back, and low and behold you’re done 30 minutes of exercise!


Getting into 1st gear and making things happen.

1. Identify  one thing you’ve being procrastinating about, that you really want to achieved. We want you to get off this podcast and do one thing about that in the next 5 minutes and actually write a comment, let us know.

2. Leave us a comment when you have taken action. What was your goal and what was the first action. We want to be your accountability partners, so we will be here to read your action point, to take your goals off paper and into reality.

3. Keep it simple – don’t list 3 or 10 things – but choose one element to do right now.

4. Buddy Up. Find someone at home or at work you can be accountable with.

Review that old list and define what is truly relevant right now. Some of your old goals and dreams may have completely shifted. Start sifting through the clutter and find the goals and tasks that are really truly crucial to you living the life you love right now. No excuses. No delay.

9-There-are-7-days-in-the-week-someday-isnt-one-of-them-Keith’s best piece of advice for people who put off exercising?  Go to bed in your gym gear.
Having trouble figuring out what motivates you then hop back and listen toFinding Your Why and start working on your 3 core pillars. Pause and re-set before you run back into your day without a plan.

Hope you enjoyed this podcast! I will be back next week with one of my special topics Gold Stars For Adults! How to reward, share and maintain momentum in business and at home.

See you then!

Coach Nikki x

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