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I always say that giving back and getting involved is a great way to motivate yourself for a greater cause, however, a lot of people are overwhelmed and confused about what charitable cause to choose.

So I’d love to bring light into some of the things that are special about choosing charity events as a personal goal,  as your pillar to give back and how to know you’re making the right decision.


As part of this series, I had the pleasure of interviewing The Women in Super Mothers Day Classic CEO Sharon Morris –  about her role bringing together one of the longest standing charity fun runs across Australia. In its 18th year, they have been able to raise close to $25million dollars for breast cancer research in Australia.

 We discuss the rise of non-profit events and how The Women In Super Mothers Day Classic as created such a legacy and continued to grow. Sharon says this is due to the fact they have incredible sponsor support, amazing volunteers and the real dedication to creating a family event.


Largely supported by Women in Super network, which is a network of women in the Super Industry, Sharon leads a power packed HQ team of 7 people – with one hundred and four events across the country and, of course, all made possible by an incredible nationwide team of volunteers.
The wonderful thing about the Mother’s Day Classic is we’re supported by thousands of volunteers across the country. So we may have a small team and a head office, and there are many, many passionate people out in the community that support the event, and I think that’s what makes it so special, and it’s what makes my role so special.
The event was started back in 1998 and is continued to be supported by volunteer expertise and sponsorship via an incredible network of Women in Super and superannuation companies. The point of difference according to Sharon, is not only how people participate but the legacy for which they walk, run, stroll or wheel their way to the finish.
I think that is the real emphasis, and our statistics tell us that about 60% of our people actually choose to walk and the rest choose to run, and I know that a lot of people and a lot of women in particular run in the event and they walk with their families, and I think we are unique in that people walk and participate together, but as you’re walking around or running around the course, everybody is wearing a tribute in memory or in support of someone currently going through breast cancer, and to me that what makes our event so unique.
There’s this really emotional side of the event that it’s about remembering, that it’s also about celebrating life. It’s about celebrating women, and it’s about celebrating the family unit.


Knowing where your donations go:

The most important thing when choosing a charity to support is to know where your funds go.  Every little bit does count,  it’s very much about transparency, where these funds and registration fees go, which is why I love talking to non-profit organisations such as this.
I ask Sharon her top tips on choosing a charity and knowing where the funds would go?
1. Ask: Everybody should ask because with our event, in particular, we raise all our funds for breast cancer research. We choose the National Breast Cancer Foundation as the organisation we donate our money to and we’ve decided and now participants have told us through surveys that they want the money to go to breast cancer research,
For example with the MDC, money received is all through fundraising. We also have an independent board who chooses which particular projects, the grants go out to.
2. Follow up: Do your research, shop online on the non-profit websites and look through their details for how their funding is used to ensure you have all the facts.
 3. Be a role model: Choose a charity that is close to your heart and contribute not just funding but time and energy. Show your children how to participate and what they can do to give back. Have it as a health and wellbeing goal for yourself as well.  Anything that promotes healthy living and wellbeing is a great cause for not only the foundation you are raising funds for but for your lifestyle as well. Double the results!

families participated together in the 2014 Mother’s Day Classic across Australia and in 2015 this annual event kept the family theme alive with even more people joining in on the 10th of May.  Why not have a look at this event for a goal in 2016.  There are all sorts of different lengths that you can compete. You can walk it, wheel it, whatever you need to do to get there.

Next years event date Event Date: Sunday 8 May 2016

Find out more:
Remember giving back is not always about grand gestures and having spare cash – it’s about choosing a cause that resonates, understanding where your support goes and integrating the event or program within your daily life as positive role model and your 6th pillar of vitality!
I look forward to sharing more stories from inspirational CEO’s who are committed to making a difference.
Yours in Vitality

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