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Bringing personal and business vitality to life with conscious living and a sense of contribution.

I wouldn’t have believed when I first started recording this podcast that we’ll be at 60+ episodes in 80 countries with 650,000+downloads, so I want to thank you for being a part of this journey, for bearing with me as I found my regular voice, for engaging with our fantastic guests and using the tools to help create the life you want.

I love getting your feedback.

To mark the 50th episode of The Vitality Coach podcast I shared my top tips on giving back,  5 ways you can get started right now to help make a difference and an impact without needing funds or giant gestures and why giving back is essential in everyday living.

I want to engage you in the conversation that the giving back doesn’t just have to be about financial philanthropy. It’s also about giving back your time, experience and elements in your life that can add value and support for others.


Even starting as close to home as spending time and helping your own family and friends.


I’m going to talk to you through some 6 wonderful platforms that you can give back and some 5 top tips on how you can do it without turning your life upside-down.





  1. Start with you
  2. Start at Home
  3. Lead By Example at Work
  4. Choose Charities that Resonate
  5. Give back Within Your Means


To give back really starts with yourself.

I know this may sound selfish but I mean this in the regard to ensuring you are in your best position to help others.

Are you being kind to yourself? Are you feeding yourself nutritious healthy food that will help your body operating in the optimum? Are you treating yourself to health benefits such as exercise, fitness and activities that you enjoy that are good for your cardiac condition and for your overall well-being? Are you giving back with time alone when you can read and regenerate and even just taking a moment out to meditate or whatever it is to make sure you’re complete and replete, body, mind and soul? So, first of all, start out personally.

Unless you give back to yourself and create time to nurture for you to actually top up your vitality bank, for you to consider your emotional intelligence, your financial planning, figuring out what’s purposeful in your life, planning your winning week and making those moments of giving back also for you.

Start at home: 

The first thing I have to say is if you’re going to choose a charity or start thinking “how can I contribute“, think about places in the environment you live so you can already start giving back just in your daily moments, so there’s number one at home with family and friends.

  • Choose cruelty-free and eco-friendly cleaning products,
  • Recycle – start living with consciousness and you’ll already start giving back on a daily basis.
  • Walk outside your front yard  “Do I know my neighbours? Can I bake a cake for someone? Is someone ill? Do they need to be dropped at the hospital? Do they need care? Can I pick up the groceries?”

What can you do for a neighbour or a friend that maybe isn’t going to reach out to you, but you can reach out to them and say, “Hey, how can I help?”.

 Whatever is going to help people in times of need, it could be much closer than you think.

  • Don’t turn a blind eye to those small at-home moments where you can be giving back.
  • Think about being more connected with those closest to you.
  • Spend a little more time off the computer and more time with your kids. So why not after dinner turn your iPad off, turn your computer off, and spend time engaging with your children before they go to bed.
  • Spend time with your partner.
  • “Make it count,” even if it’s just baking a cake for someone, spending the moment really sitting down the level of your child and reading them a story. Really be at that moment.


Leading by example at work:

There’s industry fulfilment in places that you can give back as a professional as an expert in your field, provide guidance and mentoring and support. Corporate consciousness is key no matter what level you are within an organisation. Giving back just also means doing day-to-day things inside the workplace, the good mentor, as a partner, the colleague, as a team player.

  • For example,  if you’ve been in a role and someone comes up on board that is new, how can you help that person?
  • Can you help a charity by doing a fun run or activity that will also act as a team building exercise?

There are endless ways to create change and give back in the workplace? It’s really coming with good intentions and making sure that you’re contributing to that environment.


Choose a charity or individual that really resonates with you:

Want to sponsor or donate? First of all, find out the facts.

  • Who is this person?
  • Who is this charity?
  • What is this event?

How much of the money or the time that you are putting in would be used directly for that cause?

There’s always information that’s made transparent on websites or you can ask directly. Find out where your investments of time and energy and finances are really going.

  • Do your research.
  • Do you know enough about them before you start signing up?  Instead of buying an animal from a breeder, could you adopt a pet instead and give them a second chance with a new home? I know from my experience this is extremely rewarding.


Know how much time and or money you can afford to invest before you promise the world:

How much time do you actually have or could you provide towards this before you start to jump in and get off and suddenly tell everyone that creating some moment or you’re going to volunteer/donate.

Figure out how much time or money you genuinely can put into it first, so you set clear expectations and you’re not starting something you cannot finish. If you’re providing finances for a non-profit organisation where you’re donating regularly to and they’re promising you certain things, follow-up and find out where it is going.

Don’t just donate and stop thinking about it.

 It will make you feel genuine in regards to your contribution, and others respectful and grateful that you are providing as much as you can.

ROXYANDNIKKI-200x300My giving back:

I’m really proud to provide mentoring and support for the Layne Beachley Aim For The Stars Foundation and work during the year on their mentoring program for the grant recipients.   In addition to this each year I mentor one person on their business and personal goals. For 2016 it is the very inspiring Melanie Thomas who founded KYUP.

Last year I loved being an ambassador for Run Australia and, in particular, the Run Sunshine Coast event – 100% of the entry fees from these events go to local charity and it’s incredible to see the results of your contribution when organisations provide updates and show you what your support means to them.

Everyone who know’s me, knows how much animal welfare means to me. So adopting Roxy the lab was one of the best things I have ever done.  You can find out here about assisting with animals that need a home. 

This non-profit contribution is important to me and I consciously set time aside to ensure I can provide quality support and meet expectations.

Charity is not just about money, it’s about donating time and experiences.

A little can go a long way  – just be upfront and start within your means.

Consistency and connectivity are so rewarding. Really commit to the process because the rewards that you get for giving a 100% are absolutely unparalleled.

It’s a great feeling. You don’t need to have stacks of cash in your pocket to make a difference. You have to have the right intention.

It’s all about reciprocity, creating that vitality circle of life and ensuring that you’re really being a good global citizen right in your own backyard.

Enjoy being a part of the positive change and the circle of Vitality.

Yours in Health & Happiness

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Hi Nikki,  I felt compelled to send a message after reading your accountability post this morning ( well, morning here in the US).

I love how you think! I agree with all you wrote: we are the masters of our destiny and it is up to us to make the most of our life!

Mary Black





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