TVC049MADAMEFLAVOURTVC 049: Madame Flavour Balancing a brand with family and fortitude.

Meet Corinne Noyes, founder of luxury tea brand Madame Flavour.  I travel with the Madame Flavour teas in my suitcase and love to share them with my clients in the welcome packs, so I just had to reach out and ask Corinne if she would be on the show and talk about her vision and passion behind building her life and her brand.


As a busy mum balancing career and family Corinne share’s her story on how to have it all and just find a way to make it work.Six years ago Corinne started the business after 20 years of working in corporate marketing for large companies.


There were things about that that were great but I just started to feel like a bit of a rat in a wheel in that sense of go to work, come home, tired, wake up, go to work, and also wasn’t sure whether the corporate values were really ultimately familiar at all or felt large and disconnected.imgres-2So I had my daughter started to think about what was next for me and I just happen to go down the path of looking at tea and seeing particularly what was available in the supermarkets at that time which was really limited, paper tea bags with fairly bland and unexciting packaging.

For Corrine there was a passion around beautiful themes, care and a personal touch.

I just knew that the ritual of tea was so much more than what people are able to buy in supermarkets at the time, so I basically decided to start a tea business, start my own business and there was no history of it in my family, so it was quite a bold and significant move for me at the time


We hear about how Corinne brings her personal story to life through her products, her brand and what the vision is for the company moving forward and how she is truly creating the life she wants.


Learn about the new MINDFULNESS range complete with the art of meditation and a moment to pause. Collaborating with The Smiling Mind App this new initiative is particularly designed for women to just take a few moments to themselves and reconnect and not feel the need to be doing something just for a few minutes in their day.



Conscious Living: What I love about this brand is Corinne’s commitment to the complete experience, their packaging is recyclable, compostable and thus supporting conscious living and a more sustainable approach.


Corrine explains  the pyramid tea bags themselves are biodegradable, so obviously that’s sustainability and that nourishment comes back to the earth with the brand and their story.


I just think that we create our own constraints and our own limitations, and I genuinely believe particularly for us in the Western World, anything is possible. If anything that’s the challenge isn’t it? So that’s where it comes down to taking the first step. Times are changing and people are doing whatever they want to do, and it’s wonderful that we have the basics in place that we can really make conscious choices now.

It was truly a pleasure interviewing Corinne and I look forward to following up with another interview together in the future about blending personal time out with the power of the pause.

As mentioned you can find out more about her delicious tea on Madame Flavour and tune in for more podcasts and interviews on The Vitality Coach on itunes 

Yours in Vitality


PS My favorite is the Mint, Lavender, Tisane tea x

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Your podcasts are amazing. I feel so lucky to have found you and these inspiring stories at a time in my life when everything was going to pieces. The one thing I am struggling with is finding a group of like minded people to keep me motivated.. Sacha

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