TVC 045 Mutual Admiration Rocks

1 Be True To Who You Are TVC 045 Mutual Admiration – Why Working With Great People Rocks and Gets Amazing Results.

Welcome back! It’s so great to be back on air again and kick start the podcasts – finally we have things back in action after a long break for strategy and working on an international online program for The Vitality Road Map.


I’ve really missed the podcast sessions and it’s good to be back behind the mic and getting some core messages and interviews out again. Cannot wait to share who we have coming up this year as part of my INFLUENCER SERIES.


For this episode I wanted to kick off the new season talking about REAL mutual admiration and why working together, collaborating and supporting like minded individuals really rocks.


I share my top 5 tips for creating a fantastic collaboration and why there needs to be a true authentic connection to really create extraordinary results.

Overheard on the LBD Business Vitality Retreat I run with Janine Garner last weekend was the comment:

You have to be a participant in your own rescue

This is so true. Whether you’re a CEO, a mum, a partner, a go-getter or just looking to take your life to the next level of feeling fantastic, you need to meet those that are helping you half way and commit to the journey.


So if you want to take what you’re doing to the next level make sure you have your dream team around you who are authentically “available” to be a part of the highs, the lows and the bits in between.


It’s the journey that counts and those we travel with.


My top five factors in finding mutual admiration for projects, mentors, coaches and friends:
1. Values – do your core values align? Need a reminder on what those may be then have a listen back to my podcast with Mike Duff on MINDSENSE and check out the values chart


2. Celebrate Milestones – are you able to truly high five each other over small wins and are you open about celebrating along the way? True collaboration is when those we work with or share the journey with are genuinely happy for all the highs – and you feel completely comfortable sharing them. If you are nervous about sharing small wins or positive factors that could be a sign you’re not aligned with the right person to help be there as you grow. There is absolutely no shame in celebrating wins – in fact we need to do it more often!


3. Be Vulnerable: At the same time as celebrating small wins you know you have a great team work factor or collaboration when you can show vulnerability and be real. Shouting out via a quick text when you need help or hit a road block, sharing challenges that are on the radar and asking for help at the time when you need it means those that care, and are genuinely there can step up and support. A great collaboration and real admiration is for the good and the bad times – with no filter.


4. Be Present – Just like being vulnerable being real means being able to have a great conversation and set up a plan on how you want to work with someone. If your values are aligned and you’re able to be honest and open working together can be great. Things are going to go wrong, that is life! However a strong foundation allows you to bring up lessons, learn what works and what doesn’t and move on. We are not mind readers and sometimes elements change – so avoid assuming and ask if you are not sure. Whether it’s with your supplier, coach, employee, child or partner – let them know what didn’t work and sit down to figure out how to build on making things more efficient for next time. We need to be organic and flexible.


5. SAY THANK YOU! Write a card, send a note via email, post off a gift, turn up with flowers – whatever will show you appreciate having this person on your journey. Do this regularly. Small regular and real moments of thanks go a long way. You’d be surprised the positive impact a real handwritten card in the post can make (unless you have my horrendous hand writing…).


Most of all value your relationships across all areas of your life:

  1. Business
  2. Health & Wellbeing
  3. Personal
  4. Friends & Family
  5. Admin & Productivity.


Need a reminder about how to create your winning week based around these 5 pillars then have a listen here or sign up to the FREE Vitality Road Map. or download my 5 ELEMENTS OF A WINNING WEEK

I hope this podcast has inspired you to think about your dream team and that mutual admiration and respect for knowledge, values and time can go a long way for creating amazing results and collaboration. Remember to aim high, be true to you and carefully select those that you spend time with.

Drop a line below and let me know what challenges you’re facing at the moment. I’d love to help

Yours in Vitality

Nikki x


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