TVC 044: Fit Family Kids Online or Outdoors

Fit Family: The Balance between online and outdoors

Fit Family: The Balance between online and outdoors

TVC 044 Fit Family: Kids Online or Outdoors

This weeks podcast is all about balancing screen time with down time for kids. As a special guest I asked online guru and working mum Yvette Adams, to chat about her book No Kidding,  about bridging the gap for kids with modern life technology  and back to basics healthy living.


Last week I heard there was a statistic quoted in Australia,  saying that 57% of children were reportedly falling asleep at night with their mobile device still on on front of them.


This is alarming,  especially since the amount of childhood obesity is on the rise and children are more and more glued to their mobile devices. I’m actually not quite sure if that ‘57%’  is accurate and how they get that information, or even if I have that figure correct, as when ever I go and research it the numbers keep changing – some up to 70%…


However I certainly know that our kids are heading for a series short term highs and big time lows via the digital world that I never experienced growing up.


I can vividly remember crawling in bed at night as a child exhausted from a long day at school and all the activities that went with a life outdoors. Growing up in NZ I was not in the middle of a concrete jungle, and my natures playground has been a consistent part of my life from the moment I was up and mobile. I consider myself blessed  – especially now.


What if that life growing up outside is now the minority? The tired feeling kids get from just having fun until the street lights come on? Now their agenda is so fill with extra curriculum activities, homework, social engagements and screen time there is little wonder they are over-tired and under nourished.


I know many of my entrepreneurial and busy clients that have a family are dealing with the battle of distraction, of screen time and hand held devices filling home time, holidays and transit time with their children.


So how do we balancing Active Kids with The Pull of Technology? Have a listen to this weeks podcast.

I welcome your comments and questions – we are going to have much more on this topic, bringing balance back into family life and how to help educate and empower your children to have lasting healthy habits.

We hope you enjoy this episode. Email me or leave a comment below.

Nikki x

Yvette Adams

Yvette Adams


Yvette is an award winning business owner and author of the new booked NO KIDDING.

NO KIDDING is designed to to help parents get up to NoKidding-1speed with the positive aspects of kids and technology. I enjoyed talking with her about understanding the balance required to still bring healthy living into the lives of your children.





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