TVC 042: 12 Ways of Fitmas and into 2015

IMG_9066TVC 042: 12 Ways of Fitmas.. and into 2015

Happy New Year folks. I know most of you are still in the middle of the holiday season that spans Christmas break and NY celebrations so here’s my 12 WAYS of a focused holiday season to keep you the life of the party and still look and feel fabulous.

NO New Years diet resolutions for you lovely listeners and readers,  as we hit this goal setting season with the vigour of and the focus of an olympic athlete.

In today’s podcast I share 12 quick top tips on finding balance, having fun and feeling fantastic. How to change your game plan during family holidays with a new approach to office parties, long lunches and old-school indulgence.  A fresh perspective that will have you off the couch and feeling fantastic all holiday long.

Here’s your top 12 tips:

  1. Your game plan

First up remember that it’s up to you how you view the Christmas/New Year season in terms of keeping fit, healthy and feeling great. If you enter into it with the mindset “it’s going to wreck my plan and be so hard to be good” etc it’s a reflection you’re still on the diet and ‘exercise is a chore’ mentality. Why not integrate some healthy habits to maintain rather than a binge season to regret. You’re in charge.

2.  Know thy self

If you like to get up early and have a moment to yourself before the rest of the family is running about then keep that up. Holidaying with friends and family and want to stick to your routine?  Just commit and offer for people to join but don’t give up on your plan if they decide to stay on the sofa with a wine…know your goals, what things you need to stay balanced and stick to your plan.


3. Change that story

This really relates to point 1. If you’re reading this then chances are you’re an intelligent mover and shaker and really don’t need a lecture on having healthy habits. So what can you do this year to change your story and avoid the internal negotiation “I’ll just have one”… For example I know that I have the 80.20 rule. I am generally fit, healthy and eat well. So  having a glass of bubbles or two is not the end of the world. Don’t get sucked into the sugar train this holiday season either.

Just avoid sweets, artificial foods and anything processed altogether. Fresh is best. Enjoy amazing summer produce, bring salads and berries and fresh deserts and healthy snacks to family events. Get inspired to be the best version of yourself.


4. Enjoy life

Everything in moderation. Make great choices and enjoy the holidays. Put having fun for fitness at the top of your agenda. Try stand up paddle with your friends or family, book a learn to surf lesson or head out to the country side and explore the region. Dust off the bike and explore on 2 wheels rather than 4, take the dog outside and run around with plenty of fresh air and a fresh look at what simple things can be so enjoyable.  Spread some healthy holiday cheer with an outdoor glow…(just remember the sunscreen). Nature is an incredible gym. Go exploring.


5. Out with the old and in with the FEW

Maybe this year it’s about setting boundaries and committing to events you really enjoy and choosing how you spend your time wisely. Also who you spend your time with.  Set some goals, assess your dream team and think about what activities you really enjoy, who your really love hanging out with and what path will  best support your goal lifestyle.


6. Stay classy

Avoid drinking until you can’t stand up, piling your plate high “just because it’s christmas’ and generally letting yourself be a sloth during the winter months or over a holiday. Think sporty chic this season.  Turn up for a party knowing you’ve done 30minutes of exercise that day, spent some time with your family or enjoyed the outdoors. Take pride in your appearance and remember that New Year is just one day and is not a crutch to spend the whole of December /January drinking and eating yourself into mad oblivion…


7. Think healthy

Fresh is best – fresh air, fresh food and a fresh perspective. Follow my three pillars of vitality and you cannot go wrong.


8. Don’t deny

80/20 rule, enjoy things in moderation. Choose the healthy options and just relax knowing you’ve got yourself covered with a sustainable healthy approach on a daily basis anyway. It’s OK to kick your heels up – just make good choices.


9. Plan ahead

Essentially eat well, prepare healthy snacks and balance your day out. Enjoy the party season with vigour, energy and style knowing that you look and feel fabulous from the inside out.  Have some healthy snacks or a light late lunch salad with protein before you head out for the evening. Don’t wait the whole day to eat then turn up at an event and devour all the hors d’oeurves.


10. Be the change

Like I mention above  – you can inspire and ask your friends and family to join you for a walk or run or perhaps a dip in the ocean  – but don’t stop doing it if no one wants to join you. Be the change you want to see and you may be surprise who you inspire along the way.  Avoid using announcements that you “can’t have this” or “shouldn’t have that” – just make quiet decisions and stick to your guns. It will all pay off when you’re up on a beautiful morning and everyone else is nursing a food hangover.


11. Get Inspired

Know you’d love to tackle all the above but get stuck thinking what to make at Christmas and when you have extra time now you’re on holidays. This New Year think differently about planning for meals and easy lifestyle steps. Did you know exercise boosts your brainpower?!

Hop online and get some recipes going – Pete Evans has some wonderful family food ideas as does Jaimie Oliver and our very own Alexx Stuart from Little Black Dress Group.  Get your kids involved too. Making bliss balls for example are ideal as fun healthy snacks at any time of the year.


12. Celebrate in new ways 

For me Christmas and New Year  is about calibration, time out, being able to head to the beach, spend the whole day in a bikini and not have a particular time limit.  It’s enjoying some fresh cocktails or a glass or Veuve on the balcony, Skyping friends and family overseas and trying out my new surfboard (thanks Layne).


What’s your way to celebrate? Put some thought into what really makes your heart sing this holiday and do more of that!

I want to thank those of you that reached out towards the end of December and let me know what would be RELEVANT and what would be DIFFERENT for a fresh look at heading into the New Year of 2015.


So I’ve put together a VITALITY ROAD MAP 4 week program. Free, inspiring, engaging short, sharp and effective tools to get your resolutions off paper and into action. This goes live NEXT WEEK week commencing 5th Jan and starts when ever you sign up.

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Remember you are exactly where you need to be right now. Don’t waste too much time trying to create an enormous list of New Year resolutions – but this year why not go streamlined, have clarity and conviction for just a few goals that all link together helping elevate you from where you are now to the next level.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you.


Remember I read every comment and email so drop a line and let me know what challenges you are facing bringing your business and personal vision into balance.

Health & Happiness team


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