TVC 037: The Power Of Planning

EPISODE37TVC 037: The Power Of Planning with Guest Owen Bowling

As part of my series on finding the sweet spot for work-life balance I talk to CEO of CrankIT Fitness, Owen Bowling, on creating new habits that allow for a busy life building a company and supporting a new family.

We chat about the 5 top tips to bring healthy living seamlessly into your life, throwing out old self beliefs and rules that no longer serve you and listening to your body to find exercise and routines you really love.

It all comes down to the power of planning and not leaving your week to chance. Business vitality means running a balanced life and knowing when to rest or mix up your routine to suit the circumstances.

How do we deal with the challenge of not having enough time, of growing a business, putting systems and processes in place and also applying the same approach to our personal health and wellbeing?

What challenges do you face as an entrepreneur and how can they be addressed with a fresh perspective on fitting exercise and nourishing food into your day and your week for long term peak performance?

We discuss all these elements on my podcast and hope you can take away some inspiration and practical tools to apply in your busy daily life.

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Health & Happiness

Nikki x

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  1. Charmaine Connolly on November 25, 2014 at 7:52 pm

    Having lost my vitality and health over the past six months and finding out the reason why recently; I have an auto immune disease (Thyroid) Episode 37 ‘the power of planning’ was the slap I needed to get out of the funk I am in and reflect on what does ‘health mean to me now’ ; as this episode explores not when I was 20 or 30 or even last year but now as a 41 year old female…what things can I do NOW to bring vitality back so on a little reflection it is swimming and meditation…in six months I want to be out mountain bike riding back with nature and feeling at peace 🙂
    So thanks guys for an inspiring podcast!!


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