Moxie Organics TVC 035: Moxie Organics 

In this episode I chat about a topic that usually stays under cover  – Moxie Organics founder Mia Klitsas and I talk pads for pads, being an informed consumer and why as women, we should be more educated about what feminine hygiene products are on the market.

Sorry guys – this may not be the podcast for you this week but I felt it was a crucial topic to discuss, clarify and bring to life with a fresh perspective.

Mia started this business when she was 21 and has been on a mission ever since to provide a quality product with a touch of fun and sophistication – using recycled products in their packaging, re-usable fun tins for your handbag and also the new organics range.

We de-bunk scare tactics and a get a different view at why you can have fun and be feminine even when choosing products that have to go in your shopping cart every month and for some be hidden away. Moxie have made an effort in all they do to provide great communications, information on what you need to know about topics you don’t want to discuss and products that will make you proud to purchase – be sustainable and make a difference.

I’m always thrilled to meet and connect with entrepreneurs that put their personal values into their brand.  Mia tells us why she’s worked hardmoxpadsforpadsbot to create products we can trust and proved the nay-sayers wrong by setting up an incredible initiative for teenage girls in Uganda. This is a great example of how one person can change the lives of many!

Yep! I’d love your comments and you can check out Mia, Millie & More and the new organics range on MOXIE

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Mia and I are teaming up on some new projects as well that combine an energy for healthy living, inspiration and giving back! Can’t wait to share more. Stay tuned as I chat to Mia as well on how she manages the work life balance and stays healthy while running an international business and growing her empire. Coming up in episode 38.

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