TVC 018: 360 Fitness With The Dragons Performance Director Andrew Gray

Agility_Dragons: Pic Kelvin Saik

Agility_Dragons: Pic Kelvin Saik

TVC 018:  360Fitness With The Dragons Performance Director Andrew Gray

In this episode I have the privilege of talking total fitness with The NRL’s St George Illawarra Dragons Performance Director, and all round training expert, Andrew Gray.

Andrews career with The Dragons spans 15 years, from Physio to strength, conditioning and now head of their performance and development programs.


As part of my 360Fit Series we talk about what it takes to be game ready for one of the toughest team sports; requiring physical, mental and emotional agility for a long season of peak performance.

How can all this apply to everyday people and the pursuit of our own peak performance.

We chat:

  • What total fitness actually feels like
  • Can it be defined
  • Tips we can learn adopt in everyday lifestyle habits and mindset.

We can learn a lot from the balance that peak performance requires; the base, build, peak and tapering of periodic training and the importance of nutrition, education and accountability for your health and fitness – no matter what your goals are.  Enjoy this insight from Andrew into what it takes to be 360Fit!

Overall: Dedication, Determination and Discipline are quick clearly three traits of those that achieve peak performance and well reflected in the way Andrew plans, applies and coaches.


Read this weeks behind the scenes blog from training with the team and photo gallery click on: The Dragons Den 






This weeks top review from the podcast:

Very Inspirational Podcast!!! — 5 stars ( myTroyka from United States )
Hi Nikki. Thank you for such an inspiring and great podcast with a lot of excellent content, productivity tips and very interesting interviews. I just finished listening episode #13 and I loved it. Your dialogue with Layne Beachley was very motivating on the subject of empowering and HOW TO GET A SELF BELIEVE BACK to achieve my goals. THANK YOU!!!

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