Monday Mojo© Trusting Insight vs Hindsight

Trusting Insight vs Hindsight

Are you hell bent on not repeating the past?

  • Avoiding conflict (financial, personal, emotional, physical)
  • Avoiding pain  (financial, personal, emotional, physical)
  • Avoiding loss (financial, personal, emotional, physical)

Well, welcome to this blog and one those defining opportunities to learn how to make decisions from trust not terror. 

I’m writing a full blog on these Monday Mojo’s now as I just feel super compelled to ensure I can give you as many tools as possible each week. So this will be on my website as well as here. Written raw and freshly pressed. The LIVE video is up already. or watch it above.

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So – today. Sit down, grab a cup of something and have a read. This is important. 

You matter. 

Let’s just acknowledge – there is a lot to be said for experience.

However it’s how we harness those experiences and apply the learning that makes the difference. 
– Knowing the difference between past experience intelligence (assertive and informed) 
– subconscious preventative programmed responses (reactive and avoidant) that keep us trapped in patterns.  

Not everyone has the opportunity to get out of repeating patterns that keep them unwittingly stuck in the “safe zone”. The “devil we know” zone. However – if you’re reading this and connected to my work – you probably don’t have a choice. Destiny is at play. 

You are a leader in your life for a reason. 

Now more than ever, we are being called to rise into our absolute potential.
Our multi-dimensional selves. Dig deeper, uncover and unlock. 
To put VISION ahead of VICTIM. 
To truly combine heart and heart. 

That is an easy thing to read and understand – but to apply this step in a new direction, to allow yourself evolve beyond the walls of what you know – THAT is an entirely different matter.

It can be pretty scary, even more so your subconscious is sitting there plotting every way to sabotage your freedom for true self. It’s run the show for so long – what will it do without a day job?

Good news – I have got you covered.  

Last week I posted something on my socials about the fact that those who know me well, see the “mud in trenches” – where I have earned my stripes. My deep experience to coach, be challenged, apply and repeat. To evolve. It’s not pretty but everything is worth it. 

To understand the importance in my curiosity to learn, that ALL of my experiences, and lately these have been on a deeper layer than I imagined – would put me in this exact spot, at the exact time to best support the people and organisations (our community essentially) to the very best of my ability. 

I am wholeheartedly on purpose. It is both exhilarating and comes with an enormous responsibility. I like quietly working away behind the scenes with my clients and keeping that confidential nature and process private – for true growth is an inside job. It’s one we master before we go live…

Step One – Take Ownership
1. As you understand the shift that occurs – be kind to yourself and don’t force the process. There is no magic tic tac. You must DO THE WORK.

2. Take an observational approach – almost like you are hovering above your daily life and just looking down taking notes. Get out of the triggered mundane and consider what’s really going on. 

3. Like an incredible rally or off road adventure, lean in to the corners, look for the hair pins, brace yourself and then enjoy the ride. Destination unknown. The road less travelled will have the greatest rewards. 

Whether it’s an individual or a capital deal that needs to be totally congruent – It takes these 4 QDM™ quadrants to follow your true north: 

This video and blog looks at those key pillars to harness and to know you’re on the right path: It covers: 
a) My 4 QDM™ Quadrants vital to understanding the extreme value in blending heart and head
b) Why YOU, your vision and insight are the most valuable skills you can master and add with intellect and experience. 
c) Learn to Discern the difference between PAST and PATTERNS
Harnessing INSight – The value of understanding vision versus victim – past versus patterns.  This takes a very grounded base to work from + a level of awareness that supersedes a mood-board, an idea you don’t want to let go of and a P&L. Trust in the process.

Step One – Recognise the difference between acknowledging your past and letting patterns continue. See it for what it is, acknowledge it, take the lesson/the facts and stats then take the reigns back. 

a) Our first bust up has a residual effect

Our bodies harbour a chemical energy that is built up from the very first moment there was a “bust up” and this is usually where the EGO is formed – i.e being told off for something – shamed, blamed, guilted, silenced, betrayed or berated. It’s not good enough/you’re not good enough. Part of growing up.

No one is devoid of that first memory of being “put in your place”.

  • Right or wrong. There is an event that kicked it all off. 
  • Funnily enough, unknowingly kids and then adults spent most of their lives avoiding this happening again. It is the sub conscious mind “protecting” us from another yuk feeling – usually from one of the above Shame, Blame, Guilt, Fear or Betrayal.

It could also, for many, mean absolute terror. 

So that tiny tiny moment – has left a mark. It has created an internal hard drive reflex to people, places or things that may disrupt the effort to maintain the status quo.

It’s OK – recognise that and realise the place it has had in your life. I often spend time with my clients reminding them to name their ego (that little voice that was formed then) as it doesn’t really go away, but you can recognise what that is and then CHOOSE to listen to SELF instead. 

b) Try the new approach – Let’s bring this back to personal and business. 

Lack of action is in itself an action.  If you keep making the same mistakes – chances are you’re not learning from them and trying something different. 

– So once the universe has given you that little light on the runway that you just can’t ignore, it’s time to go find out where it will take you. 

– If you don’t want to repeat the patterns and perceived “failures” then it’s time to step up and out of the old story and turn a few degrees to the right (or the light). Tap into your [IN]sight.

Step Two – Trust Your Self [IN]Sight

This is A NEW feeling for many. It’s EASY – (our ego says – too easy don’t trust it). 

– Happiness does last, you are the creator of abundance, you are agile, super capable and have many super powers far beyond what you may have accessed before 

– these elements do not have to come at a PRICE. 

– However you do have to ensure you give them the right environment and ecosystem (inc projects, people, places) etc to flourish. 

When you’re in the flow there’s not other way to go

  • It feels right
  • It makes you energised

You know when it’s out of alignment – and you can’t ignore that
It can make you feel isolated at first as you may grow past those you know.

That’s OK. Don’t stress. TRUST. 

For top leadership in life, vision is crucial for growth. Staying stuck in the past can prevent your incredible future if you’re not willing to trust your INsight for future not just fear.

Sorry there’s no going back.

As I always say – once you have seen that little fragment of light (that KNOWING that there is more out there and you are made of so much more) – you can’t go back. FACT.

Even if you try really, really, really hard to ignore the signs, and become unwittingly stuck and resistant to inevitable change and transformation, you can try this for weeks, years or months – it won’t work!  

Try and fight it but the greater the lessons, curveballs and roadblocks will be presented to you until you finally surrender to a new direction and get SHOWN the way rather than trying to control it.  

This is essential in leadership. It’s our truth.  We can’t ignore truth. It’s like cream – it always rises to the top. 

The more apt your purpose in life the more you will be tested until you actually start living in it 

My advice, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. So how about stop trying to punch through the box with massive amounts of wasted energy and effort – fighting to stay the same and be in ‘control’ and …….
..instead come #withme. To peak around the side of that matrix and see what your real potential actually looks like. Step by step. 

So here’s to you being brave, considered and following that little light paving the way. Faint at first it will get so bright you cannot ignore it.

Learn to connect with self and understand what is being communicated to you. 

A far greater library awaits. Join other extraordinary “leaders” who are already evolving, applying and thriving. Paving the way, pioneering our new landscape and enjoying the journey.

I hope this gives you a little food for thought. You know what your gut is saying – learn to listen. It knows the way. 

Want to know more about Quantum Decision Making™ for extraordinary and seamless leadership – then let me know and I’ll get in touch.

Yours in Mojo always,

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