TMM116 More tips on Managing Your Mojo In Isolation (or just when you feel you are really being tested)

Last weeks episode I spoke about vibing high in times of crisis – and how to do that while staying grounded. That means being specific and intentional in your thoughts. As the weeks slipped by I got more questions on what to do when you’re faced with things you don’t like the look of any more. Most of which you may have created for yourself.

We’re often not forced to weed the garden until it’s really necessary.

That’s what this time is really showing us. These are the times when your thoughts really matter. Where you get to assess what will work for you going forward, and what won’t. How to interact sincerely and how to just gracefully realise some situations/people/places and things just are not in alignment any more.

It’s all ok. It’s how you approach it that matters.

Here’s how to navigate through this time no matter where you sit in the world and no matter if you have your loved one on the sofa next to you or they’re millions of miles away from you.

It’s really about the power of your mind.

Everything that we have around us has an energetic vibration.

Mindset Mojo – Surrender and be in the Flow

If you’ve read Eckhart Tolle if you’ve looked into quantum physics, if you look at Dr Joe Dispenza, if you do any breath training, if you’re into high performance, if you’re into anything to do with evolution, you know that there’s more out there than what we see and have tangibly.

It’s your manifestations now, where you actually create the energetic hard drive space that you want to use.

Take a pause to regroup and get proactive

  • What energy are you giving out to the world right now?
    • Are you giving energy of fear? or
    • Are you giving an energy of curiosity and preparation?

This is about sitting down and being prepared, not scared.

Also, using this opportunity in a world that has always said that too busy and they don’t have any downtime to really look at this and go, “What am I going to do with this time?”

There are many people way before you and I, that have lived in smaller spaces cramped up with hardly any available resources or anything and yet here we suddenly have to sit in our own space when we’re told to sit on the sofa rather than go to war.

I really believe that your power of your mental approach through this time is going to see where your destiny lies.

How can you leverage this time to be really efficient with your work put some structure in place with your families, utilise fresh air with a safe distance?

Do the things that you never had time for.

Learn the guitar or pick up a new skill or go fix something in the shed or work on the car that you’ve always had in there, all these practical tools that we’ve abandoned because we’re too busy to do them so we just hire someone else.

This is the time when you can get creative. This is the time where you can start to think about one of your skills could be useful to other people.

Coping is not a strategy.

Approach this timeout, this isolation with the same fever you would with any project and get practical.

Don’t assume that leaders out there that are making tough decisions are not doing it tough themselves. Please lean in. If you’re an employee of an organisation that has to make some tough decisions, they’re not doing it because they want to.

The doors will be open again, the keys will be put back in the lock, and the lights will go on again. It’s how we are together now that will determine who’s standing at the end of this.

How we collaborate together and how we co create together so be resourceful.

  1. Be planned, but don’t be scared.
  2. Replace your fear with curiosity.

Start to discover the superpowers that we all have to do with energy and frequency. This is about being the first. This is about something we haven’t seen before. We’re paving the way.

We’re setting the benchmarks for what’s coming up next.

Managing your mojo: The only way we’ll actually get to do this is to replace fear, blame, shame and guilt with curiosity, collectiveness, and community in connection.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Stay in your heart space – don’t let negative self talk distract you from the opportunities that come with times of change.

Thanks for tuning in. I hope this message reminds you that no matter where you’re sitting right now, you’re not alone. We’re all in this together.

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