IMG_5621When Tigger Lost Her Bounce

Last week I lost my mojo! I packed too much in over the past 6 weeks with deadlines, travel, workshops, building a new team, a new website and trying to get my book finished..after about 6 flights in one week I knew my body had put the hand brake on. It’s been over a week since I posted on my blog as well and this made me feel even worse..

It took a hefty case of the flu to finally bring me to a grinding holt.

This year I’ve been doing a pretty good job of practicing what I preach. Taking regular time out just to walk the dog, read and engage with nature. Getting off the radar from the computer and creating a place of zen in my home.

I regularly scheduled time in my agenda each week to ensure I had space for the creative work, friends and family that are so important to me. The 5 Elements Of A Winning Week were working perfectly.

So what changed?  I ignored the weekly planning when things started to get busy and this created a knock on effect. A classic scenario of saying yes to too many things and missing 3 weeks of my Sunday sessions – suddenly my time was no longer my own.

Yet it was entirely my responsibility to put some boundaries in.

Life is organic and as you grow things start to move forward faster than normal, you need to consolidate, bring it all back in and then expand again. An accordian effect. It’s extremely important to recognise the moments we let things run on for too long and then just stop, apply some of the basics and get back in the groove.

Give yourself a Break

We can’t be perfect all the time – the world would be a boring place. Stuff happens, we get distracted and trip up by not giving ourselves the rest, time and planning necessary to create the life we want. Hopefully you are in tune with when this is happening and can catch it in time.

The secondary message to all of this is not to beat yourself up when you get off the rails. Have some perspective and take a step back. It may be a couple of days or a week out of the bigger picture where you are knocked sideways and feel flat. So let it be. That’s totally OK and it makes you appreciate when it’s all humming along well.

The wonderful thing is when we practice weekly planning, rest and mindfulness regularly, it takes just a moment to bring everything back. It’s effortless to say ‘hold on a second, I need to stop and unwind’.

  • There is  no need to apologise
  • The more you take care of yourself the more energy and authentic support you can be for others you care about.

What can you do right now

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and undernourished with time out at the moment – take a look in your agenda right now. Put 5 minutes aside to plan some time for yourself, to reassess all the meetings and commitments and make some priority checks.

Grab a massive piece of paper and write down the things that may be worrying you, and put them into a task like perspective. What can you change versus what stories are you telling yourself? Be present. No past, no future, just now. Practise that for a couple of minutes a day and enjoy the clarity and fresh approach you’ll feel afterwards.

For some helpful hints listen to  my podcast on The Power Of Being Present or the 5 Elements Of A Winning Week.

I’m off to walk the dog and sit by the ocean for a few minutes and calibrate

Health & Happiness

Nikki x

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