Dream Teaming ItThe People Factor In Fitness – The Importance Of A Dream Team  (Part 1)

You may recall a moment in time when you voiced a new goal – whether it was losing weight, running a half marathon, going to the gym, taking up a new class or quitting sugar! Once you had bravely put this out there you notice that people might test your conviction, lead you astray, challenge the fact you can do it – or even just not support you at all?! It’s human nature for many people to challenge others goals when they wish they could get up and do something themselves.

You may find that the ones you love the most are the least supportive. Well don’t take this personally. As the saying goes it tells you more about them that you – so you need a fast and genuine strategy for support and encouragement for at home and your wider circle. It can be really confronting for people to see you step up and put your goals into action. It will also show you the people who genuinely want you to be happy too!

Ultimately do not give up and don’t get discouraged. This is an important lesson to engage in your own journey, your own goals and take control for yourself.

How To Get The Support You Need – Finding A Dream Team

One of the top 5 tasks I give my clients, where ever they are based in the world,  is to find their dream team. What on earth does this mean?

Quite simply put it, once you embark on a goal of being your personal best in what ever you do,  it’s crucial to have the right people around you who will encourage, support and be excited for you as you go through each milestone.

Your dream team can be made up of family, of friends, a mentor, your trainer/coaches, your work colleagues, people your workout with, a wellness community online or those you get advice from. However they must be those who want to see you succeed, and those that have the qualities listed below. Your dream team can even include your kids as you engage them in  your goals and show them how much their support means to you.

Your dream team are people who are truly:

  1. Authentic in what they do (practice what they preach and are happy for your successes too)
  2. Knowledgable (if they are in a coaching/trainer role for you)
  3. Positive  – about themselves and you as well
  4. Genuinely interested in your achievements, milestones, trials and tribulations. If you are hiring a personal trainer he/she MUST be vested in your success, tailoring your program and supporting you along the way. This is not about how good they look in the mirror but you are a reflection of their knowledge, professionalism and what they do!

As you venture into a new healthier lifestyle there may be some ‘support casualties’ along the way of some friends, family members or colleagues that are not a part of your clean/healthy living mentality. Keep an eye on what is important to you and the long-term benefits of wellness and vitality,  versus the short-term gratification of fitting in. Surrounding yourselves with others that share a similar journey, outlook and approach can make the world of difference.

Family ScheduleHow can you get those you love on board?

  1. Firstly communicate about your goals and be clear about how important this is for you
  2. Empower your family by asking them for their love, help and support
  3. Make a fun schedule you can put on the fridge for your kids to give YOU stars when you achieve your nutrition and fitness goals each day
  4. Include them in your fitness and healthy eating – cook together, go outside on the weekends or in the afternoon and be active together, discover a new sport you can do as a family  like biking, stand up paddling, hiking or just long walks with the dog.
  5. Lead by example – if you are making positive healthy changes be rest assured you are setting a great example for your children on how to look after their health and wellbeing.

What about at work/outside home?

  • Only tell those you care and trust about your goals – this is your personal space
  • Organise a fun run or group activity with the workplace that creates a sense of team spirit around you
  • Set time in your diary for wellbeing – whether it’s not eating lunch at your desk, to taking a fresh air walk or spin class at lunch time. Follow up with actions not words
  • Connect to a Facebook page or online community – I have a VIPFIT membership for people to receive emails about motivation, tips and tools each week. There is an option to ask questions and we encourage our Life’s a Gym fit family to connect, share, comment and post on our Facebook page all over the world.

Nikki & Sasha Life's a GymThere are some wonderful trainers, studios and gyms that form an extended family. For example above BSKT cafe in Burleigh Heads the yoga and pilates teachers there run amazing classes with added workshops and the bonus of amazing juices/coffee and social aspects post workout at the cafe below.

Join a group outdoor session like SUPFIT in your area, walking, cycling or swimming – it’s all there and you will find you meet some fantastic training buddies along the way.



Layne & Nikki Your dream team may be people who you don’t see much at all due to schedules and busy lives – but you know they are there and a text, a message and meeting up helps keep you energized towards your goals and connected with the true you. For me these are my wonderful friends and people I work with who share the same crazy ideas about creating the life you want, love healthy living and live their lives with integrity and passion.

You will discover a whole new world, and potentially an inspiring and like-minded set of friends and mentors that want to see you succeed.

The first step is self belief, standing by your goals with courage and conviction to put your words into action every day.

I will be writing about our Ultimate Trainer Program as presented at FILEX and to be presented at The Brisbane Health & Fitness Expo in Oct. Am really excited to share the criteria for finding your ultimate trainer and to help fitness professionals be their personal best as well. Also stay tuned as we introduce some of our preferred trainers, incredible team and people that inspire us too!

As always, I would love to hear and share your stories. Don’t be shy if you have questions then send me an email or post a comment. This is exactly the forum to get support for your goals, share your challenges and get pointed in the right direction

Never give up and surround yourself with those that exude genuine positivity!

Health & Happiness

Nikki x





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