VITALITY3PILLARSThe 3 Pillars Of Vitality

How to get back in control of living a life with energy, purpose and feel fantastic without turning everything upside down. 

Are you firing on all cylinders or close to burnout?

Whether you’re leading a family, building your business or sitting on a board of directors you’re all leaders in one way or another.

So how can we sustain energy, vitality and momentum in a busy demanding world? 

It’s pretty simple  – it’s 3 ingredients to get you back on track…

Burned-out bosses (that’s you by the way – boss of your world) complain of lost focus and mental clarity, and feelings that they’re always behind.

Vitality is becoming increasingly difficult and above all else – the “grin and bear it”  mentality overrides any personal wellbeing priorities.

I wrote this for CEO’s and since you’re the CEO of your life I’m here to help you get back in the driver’s seat; to bring both your business and personal vitality to life with 3 simple pillars.

  1. Fresh Perspective
  2. Fresh Air
  3. Fresh Food

VITALITY PILLAR # 1: Fresh Perspective 

If you want to be healthy and sustain performance levels, then you must lead by example – first for yourself then for others. The buck stops with you. It’s time to throw out the old habits of first in last out of the office, long board meetings, and focus on quality use of time and your resource:

  • How are you and your teams/family/friends using your time?
  • What part of the day do you do your best thinking?
  • When do you have the most energy?
  • What hours do you operate in your best capacity, and when is the ‘down time”?
  • How can you run your executive meetings, day time drop off’s, school runs, meal times, team meetings with your virtual crew and friend catch ups differently?
  • How can you work all this knowledge this to your advantage, and change the way an average day works.

Sit down with a small core team, even if it’s your partner or a good friend over coffee and figure out the ways you can run your day to truly improve the pace, vision and scope of your life and your role in the way you want it to be.

How can this benefit you, your organisation, your family and your own ME time to recharge and bring balance back into your life.

Implement review and revise every 90 days until you feel you have the right combination.



The best ideas come when you’re providing the space to let it happen. Get outside! Change your meeting locations for ‘walk and talk’ sessions with direct reports for example. Regular fresh air intervals during office hours and taking your fitness outdoors before you start your day has immediate benefits.

  • Are you making daily exercise, health and well being a part of your winning week?
  • Keep your health and wellbeing sessions transparent in your agenda – no need to hide a key part of performance and self respect.
  • Stick to the times
  • Keep your word to others
  • Make it count – don’t plan fitness into the busiest part of your day but review your usual agenda, travel and meetings and plan around that. Be smart.
  • Pack your fitness gear for business trips and get up 45 minutes earlier to fit wellbeing into your day before the agenda kicks off.   No time? No worries – Apply the 1% rule to get started. 15 minutes of your day dedicated to something around fitness.

No grand gestures just simple daily rituals that enable you to operate effectively and demonstrate to others it’s quality time that makes the difference


Vitality Pillar #3: Fresh Food

Food fuels our brain, determines our mood and provides our bodies with the sustainability to operate at our true personal best.  One of the key values you can add to your life is simply good food. No exceptions.

True vitality is when someone looks healthy, has healthy habits and treats their body with respect. This means choosing what you eat and how you fuel your mind.

  • No empty calories: Limit dressings, fried foods and dark spirits for example – avoid artificial sugars and processed foods that are not fresh.  
  • Create your own meal even when out – by opting out of fries and into more more salads and sides along with lean meats and essential oils.
  • Hydrate: Ensure fresh filtered water is ALWAYS available.
  • Busy at work and have a bunch of meetings? Get your PA or team to ensure catering at meetings is healthy and sustainable brain food, not sugary snacks, sweets and soft drinks.



Above all else great decision making to be your personal best comes from clarity and conviction. It comes from the space to think, the ability to handle stress and the momentum to sustain results.

Life is demanding – no matter what your age or level of work/family social life. This is it. We are in control of how we look, what we do and how we have energy to perform in all areas of what we do. 

There is no time like the present and it’s never too late to bring both your business and your personal vitality to life.To get back into fitness is a way you actually enjoy, to find fresh healthy food you love and to throw out the old stories and road blocks, making way for positivity with a new game plan. Start today.

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Yours in Vitality

Coach Nikki





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