Team Spirit BScTeam Spirit: Body Science Jumps On Board

With only 4 weeks to go until the infamous Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge adventure race; Layne, Emma and I have been stepping up our training (or beginning it…) and getting some incredible support for our partners and sponsors.

We are extremely excited to announce that Greg, Sel, Nathan and the crew from Body Science have come on board to support Team Spirit as our official Compression Gear & Nutrition Sponsor.

5 days in the heart of west Tasmania, with a compass, a survival pack and 3 girls calls for some clever technical gear to aid recovery, and ensure we have optimal nutrition and clothing for the race.

In a location that can feature 4 seasons in one day we are extremely grateful to be able to work with the Body Science team on compression gear suited to running, kayaking, biking and climbing – as well as top tips on race nutrition, fuelling for endurance and hydration.

All three of us have competed to some degree  – Emma and Layne of course on the international stage as multiple world champions at the very least.

Knowledge of endurance nutrition and fuelling is crucial to a successful race day where clarity of thinking and consistent energy levels are key.

However for all three of us this 350km adventure race will test all our limits.  A multiple of disciplines to challenge us physically and navigation requirements with no GPS, to challenge the law that women can’t read maps.

From our team bio on the official Webber Challenge Page: 

“7 x World Champ Layne Beachley, Olympic Gold Medalist Emma Snowsill and Vitality Coach Nikki Fogden-Moore have teamed up for a new adventure and for charity – to race the Mark Webber Challenge in Tasmania in 2013. With a shared spirit to give things a go, lots of energy and PLENTY of humour, this dynamic trio will balance a busy year, to train and support the adventure race like no other. Why? All three are there to challenge themselves, step outside of their comfort zone and to enjoy the journey along the way.

Layne, Emma and Nikki feel it’s a fantastic way to support Marks charity and inspire others to have a sense of adventure and discovery. “We are looking forward to experiencing the beauty of Tasmania and rightly cautious about the rugged conditions that lie ahead. For us its a way to join forces, to spend some time together combining a sense of fun and achievement” Watch this space! “

Well.. We are three committed individuals that will be putting 100% into racing the Webber Challenge to inspire others to set a new goal, do something out of your comfort zone and create a sense of team spirit.

We are thrilled to have support from Body Science on both the functional performance level, plus believing in our mission to inspire others to get outside and use nature as your gym.

What’s next? I look forward to sharing some expert top tips on race nutrition and endurance tips for beginners as well as technical gear, preparation and our lead up to the event. Stay tuned for some tips, tools, how to’s and updates from Layne, Emma and myself!

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You can connect with us on twitter @nfogdenmoore @bodyscience @emmasnowsill @LayneCBeachley and @webberchallenge #teamspirit

Also on instagram (my personal fav) @lifesagym @bodyscience @emmasnowill @LayneBeachley @webberchallenge #t

Go Team Spirit! #teamspirit

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