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FITMAS 1: Ready Set Play

FITMAS WORKOUT 1: Ready Set Play Here’s a complete mini workout you can press play and do at home or take it outdoors! You’ll be earning your Christmas lunch this year…   I’ll be posting some short, sharp and effective workouts over the holiday season that you can plug in and play.   Remember it…

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TVC 040: Fit in The City 48 Hrs in San Fran

TVC 040: Fit in The City 48 Hours in San Fran 5 Tips for fast fitness in the city when you’re traveling in San Francisco. I was in San Fran last week for a mere 48 hours as we set up the plans for my book launch next year. It feels in between seasons as a…

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Fast Fitness: Cross Crunch

Fast Fitness: Cross Crunch A new fast fitness exercise for you to master. Ab work can be really rewarding if you chip away at it every day just for a few minutes. Seriously – that’s all it takes. This exercise is a fantastic addition to your ab workouts if you are getting bored repeating the…

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Fast Fitness: Weighted Lunge

Fast Fitness: Weighted Lunge Hey there from Beverly Hills!  This week I’m posting from the West Coast of the US as I kick off some exciting meetings for my Vitality Tour next year. If you haven’t registered on the VIP list already then CLICK HERE. OK all you busy workaholics  – here’s a great fit…

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Fitspo Friday: Fit For Two With The Hook Squat

Fitspo Friday: Fit For Two With The Hook Squat [leadplayer_vid id=”534F0D05A5B07″]   Welcome back! It’s Fitspo friday again and I roped in Cam from St Andrews School to be my training buddy in a series of workouts for two! Kicking off a beginner workout today with the hook squat. Deceptively difficult if you rush it,…

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Fit and Festive 101: Keeping Fit & Healthy At Christmas

Fit and Festive 101: Keeping Fit & Healthy At Christmas As Christmas rolls in and deadlines creep up ,there seems to be a panic about how to ‘survive’ the silly season. Fear not! What if you just kept it simple and trust that when 80% of the time you are doing all the right things…

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Smoothie Of The Week: Banana Blueberry Dream (Dairy Free)

Smoothie Of The Week: The Banana Blueberry Dream I made this smoothie one morning before a long bike ride to have a “meal in a glass”. It’s dairy free, wheat free and gluten-free! It’s super filling and keeps well in the fridge if you want to come back for seconds post working out. Once again…

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