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TVC 045 Mutual Admiration Rocks

TVC 045 Mutual Admiration – Why Working With Great People Rocks and Gets Amazing Results. Welcome back! It’s so great to be back on air again and kick start the podcasts – finally we have things back in action after a long break for strategy and working on an international online program for The Vitality…

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TVC 043: The Vitality Road Map

TVC 043: The Vitality Road Map I’ve put together a special series focusing on the 3 pillars of Vitality to get your goals off paper and into action for an unforgettable year of breaking down road blocks and high-fiving milestones!   In this podcast I walk you through the reason behind goals that succeed and…

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TVC 042: 12 Ways of Fitmas and into 2015

TVC 042: 12 Ways of Fitmas.. and into 2015 Happy New Year folks. I know most of you are still in the middle of the holiday season that spans Christmas break and NY celebrations so here’s my 12 WAYS of a focused holiday season to keep you the life of the party and still look and feel…

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TVC 040: Fit in The City 48 Hrs in San Fran

TVC 040: Fit in The City 48 Hours in San Fran 5 Tips for fast fitness in the city when you’re traveling in San Francisco. I was in San Fran last week for a mere 48 hours as we set up the plans for my book launch next year. It feels in between seasons as a…

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Fast Fitness: Weighted Lunge

Fast Fitness: Weighted Lunge Hey there from Beverly Hills!  This week I’m posting from the West Coast of the US as I kick off some exciting meetings for my Vitality Tour next year. If you haven’t registered on the VIP list already then CLICK HERE. OK all you busy workaholics  – here’s a great fit…

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TVC 037: The Power Of Planning

TVC 037: The Power Of Planning with Guest Owen Bowling As part of my series on finding the sweet spot for work-life balance I talk to CEO of CrankIT Fitness, Owen Bowling, on creating new habits that allow for a busy life building a company and supporting a new family. We chat about the 5…

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TVC 036: Abundance Why Health Is Your Wealth

TVC 036: Abundance – Why Health Is Your Wealth One of the key ingredients of success and living your personal best is actually making sure that you have the best personal health to go with it. So how so we measure our healthy living balance sheet? I measure health with my Vitality Bank(TM) and I…

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