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Destination Unknown – When Goal Setting is Not Everything

Destination Unknown – When Goal Setting is Not everything When it’s OK not to have a 90 day plan, know your purpose or have a list of New Years resolutions. The art of being present and enjoying the journey.    I’m just going to undo the status quo here a bit, buck the system, go…

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5 Habits For A Healthy You – Right Now

5 Habits For A Healthy You – Right Now Fit fitness in your day, find healthy food you love and reignite your motivation. It’s not information that is the issue in today’s world – it’s the fact there is too much of it and individuals have lost their ability to be accountable and truly design…

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Goal Setting 101 – Action Your Dreams

Goal Setting 101 – Create Action Not Wishes Where do people tend to struggle the most when it comes to achieving their dreams? I’d say 3 key areas: Conviction for their goal Consistency to action and dedicate time to it Communication to others around them that they need support.   It all starts with making…

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TVC 054 Life By Design with Greg Merrilees

TVC054 Life By Design with Greg Merrilees Hi guys. Welcome back to The Vitality Coach Podcast. You know it’s such an inspiring moment for me recording our show as I always get to speak to these incredible entrepreneurs and business people that are creating their life they love – with the reality of  struggle, challenges and just realising…

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TVC 052: Procrastination 101

TVC 052 Procrastination 101 with Keith Abraham In this episode I  welcome back to the show motivational and success coach Keith Abraham,  so we can get straight to the heart of procrastination 101. Why it’s your worst enemy to truly achieve your goals and top tips on how to stop procrastinating and start doing! A…

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TVC 051: Giving Back: The Mothers Day Classic

TVC 051: The Mothers Day Classic. I always say that giving back and getting involved is a great way to motivate yourself for a greater cause, however, a lot of people are overwhelmed and confused about what charitable cause to choose. So I’d love to bring light into some of the things that are special about choosing charity…

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Giving Back

TVC 050: Giving Back

TVC 050: Giving Back 5 Ways to Make a Difference Right Now Bringing personal and business vitality to life with conscious living and a sense of contribution. I wouldn’t have believed when I first started recording this podcast that we’ll be at 60+ episodes in 80 countries with 650,000+downloads, so I want to thank you…

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