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It's Never Too Late To Be Fit Healthy You

It’s Never Too Late To Be Fit Healthy  You. Lacking results lately in your personal fitness or health goals. Can’t seem to keep on track with your new years resolutions (ever…)? Then maybe it’s time to test how serious you actually are about your personal health and wellbeing and set yourself a personal challenge. Turn…

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How To Do Running Man Sit Ups

[leadplayer_vid id=”5206BB70474C6″]   How To Do Running Man Sit Ups Need something new to fire up your abs and your workout? Then here’s a quick HOW TO guide on running man sit ups. A great dynamic exercise to kick-start the abs, work your core and engage all your muscles at once. Go for form rather…

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How To Do Basic Crunches

How To Do Basic Crunches Are you doing your daily dose of abdominal work and still getting a sore neck or not getting any results? It could be that you’re focusing on quantity not quality and your form is not as good as it should be. When I give programs to clients and in our…

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Comfort Zone 101 – A yogi’s insight to her first time running

Comfort Zone 101 – A Yogi’s insight to her first time running  with the lovely Lindsay Udell I often talk about doing things out of your comfort zone and giving your body balance in all types of training to truly look and feel your personal best. What happens when you tell yourself for years you’re…

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Respect The Body You Have to Create The One You Want

Respect The Body You Have to Create The One You Want In a world rich of imagery, social media, inspiring images and fashion led styling we can easily get focused on what everyone else has – rather than what we have already got ourselves. I like to call it Generation Exhibition. Are we spending too…

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Dietary Fibre 101 – What Is It and Why is It Good For You?

Dietary Fibre 101 – What is it and why is it good for you? There is a lot of discussion and attention on carbohydrates, proteins and fats but not much going on about a vital ingredient for our overall health and wellbeing – fibre. Dietary fibre is found in the indigestible parts of plants. I…

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Create The Life You Want – Luck Has Nothing To Do With It

Create the Life You Want – Luck has Nothing to Do With It. If anyone says to me “you’re so lucky” my first reaction to is laugh out loud, and secondly be reminded of how things can be so different from the outside looking in. Creating the life you want takes conviction. Combine vision, a…

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