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Fitness First – How to Make Exercise A Part of Your Day

Fitness First  – How to Make Exercise A Part of Your Day – in 3 easy steps!  “Someday” is not a day in the week – in fact Monday to Sunday are… and what an opportunity we have to use them! Exercise, fitness and working out can be overwhelming if you have been out of…

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Swim 101 – Week 2 Of Swim Yourself Slim

Swim 101 – Week 2 Of Swim Yourself Slim  [leadplayer_vid id=”523B799D684D7″] Jumping back in the pool this week for your second set of fun easy swims to progress your technique and your weight loss/fitness goals. Quick reference to what level you are in terms of this program? WEEK 2 BEGINNER SWIM 1:  1-1 or group lesson Have…

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The Pawfect Workout – Get Fit With Your Dog (Part 1)

 The Pawfect Workout – Get Fit With Your Dog (Part 1)  [leadplayer_vid id=”52377E0B7FC19″] When it comes to a motivated workout partner the one consistent factor for me is my 4- legged training buddy, Roxy. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, twitter or Facebook you’ll know immediately who I am talking about – Roxy the…

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Swim 101 – Swim Yourself Slim Part 2: Drills

Swim 101 – Part 2 The Program To Swim Yourself Slim  You’re never too old to learn efficient swimming. In fact it’s a sport that transcends age or size and fitness when it comes to getting better. Stroke correction and technique can be the difference between dreading and enjoying your swim workout. I’ll be sharing…

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Travel Fit: 10 Top Tips For Take Away Fitness

Travel Fit: 10 Top Tips For Take Away Fitness  Keeping fit and looking fantastic from a weekend away to a long vacation – Here’s how to take your GYM with you. Heading off for work, a weekend or a week away and don’t want to lose your fitness and the results from your hard work…

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The Lycra Diaries 1.0 – Compression Gear

The Lycra Diaries – 1.0  Compression Gear In the last 5 years compression gear has been rushing into the market. Around for much longer when it comes to sports teams and performance athletes – suddenly us mere mortals can go pro too! We can run, walk, cycle, sprint and workout in technical gear to enhance our…

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