TMM 111 Financial Health with Greg Valles

TMM 111 Financial Health with Greg Valles, from Valles Accountants Australia – How to plan and prepare during times of crisis for you and your business. ** Please bear with us on the audio as we had to record this on the go while Greg was in his office with limited audio levels, so we…

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TMM 094 Founder Fitness Jamie Pride

TMM 094 Founder Fitness Jamie Pride Speaker, author of Unicorn Tears, serial entrepreneur & venture capitalist Jamie Pride talks the nitty gritty on why start ups fail and how to prevent it. Entrepreneurs need to failure-proof themselves by being Founder Fit. Approximately three start-ups are founded every minute. Of those start-ups, 92 per cent will fail…

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TMM 091 Disruption

TMM 091 Disruption with Mark Truelson and Stephen Scott Johnson It’s not what happens to you it’s how you deal with you that counts. Back with The Panel, this topic choice was from Mark. Self disruption is one that is not only personally but how that effects you commercially.  Filmed in the NAB Innovation centre…

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TVC 083 With Tegan Martin Creating Space

TVC083 Tegan Martin Creating Space

TVC083 Tegan Martin Creating Space Talking the importance of space, your dream team and listening to your own intuition with Model, wellness advocate and former Miss Universe Australia, Tegan Martin. Working together with Tegan last week on her “what’s  next” we ran through some of the core criteria for effortless success and the steps needed…

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Managing Busy Episode 66

TVC066 How To Manage Busy

TVC066 How To Manage Busy Today’s podcast is all about managing busy. How to run your week rather than let your week run you.   There is a difference between hard work and working hard. In today’s episode I’m chatting you through some simple tools to keep yourself in charge of your day. Consistently. If you do…

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The 5 Elements Of A Winning Week

THE FIVE ELEMENTS OF A WINNING WEEK Why it’s crucial to design the week you want rather than get the one you’re given. Hi there, welcome back, another week and another chance to create the life you want. If you’re reading this then chances are you’re an innovator, a leader, an entrepreneur or someone that wants…

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Monday Mojo – Why Monday’s Are Magic

Monday Mojo – My Favourite Day Of The Week Why Monday’s are magic. Making stuff happen on a Monday! My Favourite. YAY. I love Mondays, always have and most probably always will. Then again I’m not your normal nine to five type of gal. Monday is just a day of the week, it’s the mindset that…

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