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Smoothie Of The Week: Fighting Fit

Smoothie of the Week: Fighting Fit: I like to call this smoothie the Fighting Fit smoothie as it really packs a punch! Super simple and not about fancy ingredients – i find it totally filling, the nuts add the important omega’s and added protein is great post workout. Don’t forget that brainpower takes energy too…

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The Ultimate Trainer: What Defines An Incredible PT

 The Ultimate Trainer: What Defines An Incredible PT On Saturday and Sunday this weekend, in conjunction with The Brisbane Fitness and Health Expo, I will be presenting about The Ultimate Trainer. What is an Ultimate Trainer? A) how can you find one if you’re a consumer B) If you’re in the industry:  how do you ensure…

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Mojo – What Is It & How To Get It Back

Mojo – What Is It & How To Get It Back At a team meeting last week I said, “at Life’s a Gym we specialise in Mojos’”.  We help people look and feel their personal best, and teach them how to keep it that way. That has been my absolute mission since founding Life’s a Gym…

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Active Living – Taking Responsibility to Create the Life You Want

Active Living – Taking Responsibility to Create the Life You Want Taking full responsibility for yourself is a key pillar for my coaching with clients and is part of my own personal values. Essentially  it’s about taking your life off autopilot. Becoming accountable for your actions and knowing that you – you alone, create the…

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Paleo Diet Pros vs Cons – Fact or Fad?

Paleo Diet Pros vs Cons – Fad or Fact? By our resident Life’s a Gym nutritionist Sasha! At our HQ there is plenty of discussion on a daily basis about food, fitness, facts and fads. Opinions vary and point of views are given with conviction around here. There are no mincing of words when it…

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Long Life Sustainable Living requires Sustainable Eating

It is absolutely stunning that the majority of consumers have no idea where their food comes from that they select at the supermarket every day. The question of whether or not they WANT to know is another story. Let’s assume a certain basic amount of ‘WHERE THIS CAME FROM” knowledge is supplied with all food…

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