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TVC082 Life After Awesome Chris Lochhead

TVC082 Life After Awesome With Chris Lochhead What To Do Next When You’ve ‘Made It’ This weeks show is with special guest and entrepreneurial guru, Chris Lochhead, co-author of Play Bigger and also the master behind the Legends and Losers podcast Chris calls himself a small E-entrepreneur – with the reality of his experience being…

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Unfunkable – Embracing the Lows with the Highs

Unfunkable Are you Unfunkable? Why it’s crucial to be self aware in business and in life – it’s not always about being on a high. Everyone celebrates being positive, goal setting and striding through life. All good and let’s not stop doing that. However this week in my Monday Mojo I’d wanted to bring equally positive…

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Managing Busy Episode 66

TVC066 How To Manage Busy

TVC066 How To Manage Busy Today’s podcast is all about managing busy. How to run your week rather than let your week run you.   There is a difference between hard work and working hard. In today’s episode I’m chatting you through some simple tools to keep yourself in charge of your day. Consistently. If you do…

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A Nano Break – 5 Tips To De-Stress Right Now

A Nano Break  – 5 Tips To De-Stress Right Now. A Busy persons guide to re-booting your hard drive. Do you find your ability to deal with stress is more difficult lately?  Does it feel as if life is just speeding by and you’re running from one thing to the next without time to pause and…

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Destination Unknown – When Goal Setting is Not Everything

Destination Unknown – When Goal Setting is Not everything When it’s OK not to have a 90 day plan, know your purpose or have a list of New Years resolutions. The art of being present and enjoying the journey.    I’m just going to undo the status quo here a bit, buck the system, go…

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TVC 037: The Power Of Planning

TVC 037: The Power Of Planning with Guest Owen Bowling As part of my series on finding the sweet spot for work-life balance I talk to CEO of CrankIT Fitness, Owen Bowling, on creating new habits that allow for a busy life building a company and supporting a new family. We chat about the 5…

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Mindset Magic: Finding Your Focus

Mindset Magic: Finding Your Focus It is challenging enough to truly connect with others, let alone ourselves. The more time we stare at screens and watch what every one else is doing, the more distance we are creating from our own imagination, thoughts and feelings. Never before have we been challenged so much on finding…

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