Nikki Fogden-Moore

TMM108 The Courage To Be Disliked

HAVING THE COURAGE TO BE DISLIKED – STANDING IN YOUR OWN POWER. Welcome back to The Mojo Maker podcast – episode 108 talking all about the courage to walk your own path and why, when we start leading we may feel like we loose the support of others or ‘just don’t fit in’. I was…

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Back To Basics 3 Steps To Avoid Burnout

The Mojo Maker Re-Boot – 3 Steps To Avoid Burn Out. Back To Basics. 3 simple tools to get back in the drivers seat and avoid burn out – when you feel overwhelmed and out of control. Reduce stress, press pause and create your next steps with my mini Mojo Making roadmap.  First though, come…

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Add To Heart Not Add To Cart

Add To Heart Not Add To Cart  – Creating More Than A Transaction From cart to heart lead – Why Business and Personal Success Is More Than A Transaction All great businesses evolve, the pivot, they reinvent their products, update their marketing, try to get to know their customers and be as relevant as possible.…

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TVC082 Life After Awesome Chris Lochhead

TVC082 Life After Awesome With Chris Lochhead What To Do Next When You’ve ‘Made It’ This weeks show is with special guest and entrepreneurial guru, Chris Lochhead, co-author of Play Bigger and also the master behind the Legends and Losers podcast Chris calls himself a small E-entrepreneur – with the reality of his experience being…

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TVC076 Meaning Mission Mark Truelson

TVC076 Mission Meaning Mojo Mark Truelson

TVC076 Mission Meaning Mojo with Mark Truelson Meet global speaker corporate disrupter and all round great guy Mark Truelson. Part of my Influencer and Founder Vitality series Mark’s courage to share his come back from depression to running a global consultancy is inspiring and real. Sharing his journey from hero to zero then how he…

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Fast Fitness For Busy People Nikki Fogden-Moore

Fast Fitness For Busy People

Fast Fitness For Busy People  Straight to the chase today for those of you who are struggling to get your wellbeing mojo on and blend your commercial and personal vitality. Here are my #noexcuses tried and tested top tips. Couple of key points to remember: 1. Fedex is not going to send you a new…

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Unfunkable – Embracing the Lows with the Highs

Unfunkable Are you Unfunkable? Why it’s crucial to be self aware in business and in life – it’s not always about being on a high. Everyone celebrates being positive, goal setting and striding through life. All good and let’s not stop doing that. However this week in my Monday Mojo I’d wanted to bring equally positive…

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