Goal Setting 101 – Action Your Dreams

Goal Setting 101 – Create Action Not Wishes Where do people tend to struggle the most when it comes to achieving their dreams? I’d say 3 key areas: Conviction for their goal Consistency to action and dedicate time to it Communication to others around them that they need support.   It all starts with making…

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TVC 048: Reigniting Healthy Habits

TVC 048: Reigniting Healthy Habits with Debbie Spellman Detox Your Mind Coach Debbie Spellman and I talk about re-booting your personal hard drive to get back into a seamless lifestyle with healthy habits. No more excuses but smart tangible techniques to get your personal confidence back, gain control of your daily mojo and start bringing…

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TVC 043: The Vitality Road Map

TVC 043: The Vitality Road Map I’ve put together a special series focusing on the 3 pillars of Vitality to get your goals off paper and into action for an unforgettable year of breaking down road blocks and high-fiving milestones!   In this podcast I walk you through the reason behind goals that succeed and…

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FITMAS 1: Ready Set Play

FITMAS WORKOUT 1: Ready Set Play Here’s a complete mini workout you can press play and do at home or take it outdoors! You’ll be earning your Christmas lunch this year…   I’ll be posting some short, sharp and effective workouts over the holiday season that you can plug in and play.   Remember it…

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TVC 037: The Power Of Planning

TVC 037: The Power Of Planning with Guest Owen Bowling As part of my series on finding the sweet spot for work-life balance I talk to CEO of CrankIT Fitness, Owen Bowling, on creating new habits that allow for a busy life building a company and supporting a new family. We chat about the 5…

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TVC 033: Bucket List Your Fitness

TVC033 Bucket List Your Fitness  Top tips on how you can shake out the cobwebs and kick start some new momentum on your healthy living goals by creating a bucket list of fitness ideas for weekday super heroes, weekend warriors and creating a fit family. For some reason as people get older they stop the…

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TVC 030: Getting In The Drivers Seat

TVC 030: Getting In The Drivers Seat : With Special Guest Shannah Kennedy Welcome back again and it’s episode 30 so I thought I’d celebrate with a great interview with Shannah Kennedy,  as we discuss the importance of getting in the drivers seat and creating the life you want. Yes, once again I’m bringing the…

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