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FITMAS 1: Ready Set Play

FITMAS WORKOUT 1: Ready Set Play Here’s a complete mini workout you can press play and do at home or take it outdoors! You’ll be earning your Christmas lunch this year…   I’ll be posting some short, sharp and effective workouts over the holiday season that you can plug in and play.   Remember it…

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Suspension 101: Single Leg Squat

SUSPENSION 101: SINGLE LEG SQUAT COMPRESSION SESSIONS – SQUEEZE EFFICIENT WORKOUTS INTO WINTER DAYS OR WHEN YOU ARE SUPER BUSY! Here in Australia winter is starting to appear around the corner, days will get shorter and it’s going to be dark when you get up and by the time we get home from work. Exercise should…

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Suspension Training 101: 3 Basic Exercises For Killer Legs!

Suspension Training 101: 3 Basic Exercises for Killer Legs One of the questions or comments I often get about training with suspension straps (I use CrankIT or perhaps you have TRX)  – is that you can’t load up the weight for leg exercises. While there is certainly the argument that classic weighted squats, clean and…

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How To Workout In Venice Beach – Kettle Bells, Wallballers & Running

How To Workout In Venice Beach  – Kettle Bells, Wallballers and Running  It was the last day of my LA-San Fran Travel Fit adventure and I was in Venice Beach catching up with artist and pro kite surfer Gretta Kruesi. Our Life’s a Gym Aqua Ambassador and all-round water woman,  Gretta was off learning to sail…

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Travel Fit: LA to San Fran (Day 2 & 3)

Travel Fit: LA to San Fran (Day 2 & 3) Day Two: Santa Barbara – Cambria Nothing beats getting up in a new city and hitting the streets for a quick run. You get to discover the area and workout at the same time. On day 2 I got up for a short run around…

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The Ultimate Trainer: What Defines An Incredible PT

 The Ultimate Trainer: What Defines An Incredible PT On Saturday and Sunday this weekend, in conjunction with The Brisbane Fitness and Health Expo, I will be presenting about The Ultimate Trainer. What is an Ultimate Trainer? A) how can you find one if you’re a consumer B) If you’re in the industry:  how do you ensure…

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Mojo – What Is It & How To Get It Back

Mojo – What Is It & How To Get It Back At a team meeting last week I said, “at Life’s a Gym we specialise in Mojos’”.  We help people look and feel their personal best, and teach them how to keep it that way. That has been my absolute mission since founding Life’s a Gym…

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