TVC 045 Mutual Admiration Rocks

TVC 045 Mutual Admiration – Why Working With Great People Rocks and Gets Amazing Results. Welcome back! It’s so great to be back on air again and kick start the podcasts – finally we have things back in action after a long break for strategy and working on an international online program for The Vitality…

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TVC 039: The Making Of Brookfarm

The Making Of Brookfarm. I loved interviewing Pam Brook, co-founder along with her husband Martin,  of Australian brand Brookfarm on creating the life they want. Building a business from the ground up and their vision for continuing to provide a sustainable, delicious, healthy and unique products for consumers. We talk about how company culture, self belief and…

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TVC 037: The Power Of Planning

TVC 037: The Power Of Planning with Guest Owen Bowling As part of my series on finding the sweet spot for work-life balance I talk to CEO of CrankIT Fitness, Owen Bowling, on creating new habits that allow for a busy life building a company and supporting a new family. We chat about the 5…

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Emma Snowsill: Energy, Focus & Fun

Emma Snowsill: Energy, Focus & Fun If you’ve been reading my blogs for the past few months and hanging out on Instagram then you’ll know that I am a fan of a wonderful athlete – the effervescent Emma Snowsill. Two weeks ago Layne Beachley, Emma and I raced the Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge and we…

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Opportunity Rocks: Why Accepting A Challenge Is Vital For Growth

Opportunity Rocks: Why Accepting A Challenge Is Vital For Growth This time last week I was in the middle of competing in one of the top 10 adventure races in the world – The Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge.  Our team had never been in an adventure race in our lives, never been orienteering and all…

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TVC 004: Accountability with Ironman Trevor Hendy

TVC 004: Accountability with Ironman Trevor Hendy In this weeks episode I once again speak with Ironman Trevor Hendy about the mindset it takes to move forward. We are talking about Accountability. Accountability to yourself and your environment and how you can short circuit those self-defeating thoughts that prevent you from reaching your goals. Links:…

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Smoothie Of The Week: Fighting Fit

Smoothie of the Week: Fighting Fit: I like to call this smoothie the Fighting Fit smoothie as it really packs a punch! Super simple and not about fancy ingredients – i find it totally filling, the nuts add the important omega’s and added protein is great post workout. Don’t forget that brainpower takes energy too…

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