TVC 0689 From Stressed To Success

TVC069 From Stressed To Success

TVC069 Stressed To Success.  Overspent and undernourished? What to do when you’re stressed, finances, energy and your mental hard drive is depleted. This podcast topic came via some of you who wrote in and asked how, when I coach with my clients, how we can so quickly get them feeling back in control and having…

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Random Acts Of Kindness

RAK it Up 10 Random Acts Of Kindness

RAK it Up – Random Acts Of Kindness  Every week I send out Monday Mojo to my Vitality Subscribers – and I love the feedback. THANK YOU. So I wanted to share some positive vibes with you all and hopefully inspire you to RAK it up this week and beyond. For the last 7 weeks I…

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The Power Of The Pause

The Power Of The Pause I recently wrote about the importance of the PAUSE for CEO Magazine – Why taking regular breaks during your day can reboot your mental and physical hard drive to reduce stress and increase productivity. If you’re not running your body like your business then you’re missing a huge opportunity to operate…

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Disconnect To Reconnect

Disconnect To Reconnect- the science behind the need to digital detox. Digital detox refers to a period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic connecting devices such as smartphones and computers. It is regarded as an opportunity to reduce stress or focus on social interaction in the physical world. After all the…

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TVC053: The Vitality Bank with Chris Dufey

TVC053 The Vitality Bank with Chris Dufey Welcome back to The Vitality Coach Podcast as we kick off September with more from my Influencer Series. This episode I have the pleasure of interviewing  world leading Personal Trainer, Chris Dufey.   Producing excellent results and living a life you love requires balance, planning and consideration in business…

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TVC 051: Giving Back: The Mothers Day Classic

TVC 051: The Mothers Day Classic. I always say that giving back and getting involved is a great way to motivate yourself for a greater cause, however, a lot of people are overwhelmed and confused about what charitable cause to choose. So I’d love to bring light into some of the things that are special about choosing charity…

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TVC 048: Reigniting Healthy Habits

TVC 048: Reigniting Healthy Habits with Debbie Spellman Detox Your Mind Coach Debbie Spellman and I talk about re-booting your personal hard drive to get back into a seamless lifestyle with healthy habits. No more excuses but smart tangible techniques to get your personal confidence back, gain control of your daily mojo and start bringing…

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