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Back To Basics 3 Steps To Avoid Burnout

The Mojo Maker Re-Boot – 3 Steps To Avoid Burn Out. Back To Basics. 3 simple tools to get back in the drivers seat and avoid burn out – when you feel overwhelmed and out of control. Reduce stress, press pause and create your next steps with my mini Mojo Making roadmap.  First though, come…

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The Vitality Daily Edit – Living On Purpose

The Vitality Daily Edit – Living On Purpose Welcome to my express session videos, filmed on the fly. This one is about living with purpose – each day. We’ve just come back from a massive event across Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, with some amazing people. So, thank you to everyone that I got to speak…

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TVC071 Fitpreneur Patrick Hollingworth

TVC071 Fitpreneur with Pat Hollingworth

TVC 071 Fitpreneur Pat Hollingworth Meet my guest Pat Hollingworth on episode 72 of The Vitality Coach podcast. Mountaineer, adventure chaser and corporate culture coach, Pat has summited multiple 8000 metre peaks, including Mount Everest and helped his Nepali Sherpa mates set up their own mountain-guiding business based out of Kathmandu. Based in Australia, Patrick learned the…

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Run Your Body Like Your Business For Ultimate Vitality

Run Your Body Like Your Business For Ultimate Vitality The best way to achieve wellness when you’re running your business full steam ahead,  is to re-set your perspective on what a winning week, health and well being really looks like. To Run your body like your business and actually plan well being as a performance…

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The 1 Percent Rule – Why 14.4 Minutes Makes A Difference

The 1 Percent Rule – Why 14.4 Minutes Makes A Difference Does it ever feel as if life is just speeding by and you’re running from one thing to the next, without time to pause and re-group? You’ve lost your sense of humour, balance in life, feeling more sensitive, are easily stressed and just not…

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TVC 048: Reigniting Healthy Habits

TVC 048: Reigniting Healthy Habits with Debbie Spellman Detox Your Mind Coach Debbie Spellman and I talk about re-booting your personal hard drive to get back into a seamless lifestyle with healthy habits. No more excuses but smart tangible techniques to get your personal confidence back, gain control of your daily mojo and start bringing…

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Fast Fitness: Cross Crunch

Fast Fitness: Cross Crunch A new fast fitness exercise for you to master. Ab work can be really rewarding if you chip away at it every day just for a few minutes. Seriously – that’s all it takes. This exercise is a fantastic addition to your ab workouts if you are getting bored repeating the…

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