TMM 092 5 Steps To De-stress Right Now

TMM 092 5 Steps To De-stress Right Now A mini mojo podcast episode on the 5 things to stop stress when you’re running on overdrive. The steps to press pause, get perspective, feel more calm and in control. From my next book The Mojo Maker, I wanted to share the pillars I use to get…

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No Gym Required Nikki Fogden-Moore Blog

No Gym Required 5 Benefits To Working Out in Nature

No Gym Required  5 Benefits To Working Out in Nature  Nature is our playground. We all know that exercising regularly is an important part of keeping healthy in mind, body and spirit. A true Fitpreneur. But, did you know that exercising outside in the natural environment can be one of the best ways to exercise…

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7 Steps From Stress(ed) To Success

7 Steps From Stressed to Success Stressed Out? Overwhelmed, exhausted, stuck in a rut, wading through mud and emotionally burnt out? No spark, no mojo, just monotony? You’re Not Alone In 2015 it was quoted 64% of people were stressed.   According to the Huffington Post 8 In 10 Americans Are Stressed About Their Jobs. Australia…

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Fit Food: Macadamia Honey Spinach Salad

Fit Food: Macadamia Honey Spinach Salad Aloha from Hawaii. Inspired by some local produce in Maui I have to share this delicious, refreshing and VERY easy to make salad that quickly became one of my favourite meals last week. What you’ll need (Try to get organic ingredients if possible and wash your greens in filtered…

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Fresh Food – Dumplings Made Easy

Fresh Food –  Dumplings Made Easy Struggling to be inspired about cooking something when you get home from work?  Wishing your kids would eat their vegetables? Then this new innovation in the kitchen from Rice Cube inventor Ross Patten, could make you the at home ‘Master Chef’  in no time. Just awarded the Best Innovative…

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Super Salad with Fish and Salsa Agresto: One From The Chef

Super  Salad with Fish and Salsa Agresto: One from the chef Fish of the day, peas, baby zucchini, broad bean, mint, fetta, salsa agresto I’ve just finished a private coaching retreat in Noosa with a fabulous guest Ross from NZ (Hi Ross!). As part of my retreat experience we always go to Noosa’s best restaurants…

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TVC 017: Why Exercise Boosts Your Brainpower

TVC 017  –  Why Exercise Boosts Your Brainpower Flex Your Mental Muscle with regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle! In this podcast I’ve put together 3 top lifestyle tips and 5 exercise ideas that will restore your mental clarity and flex your brainpower. Exercise boosts the amount of fresh oxygen in our blood, improves circulation…

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