TMM095 Matt Mackelden in the Drivers Seat

TMM095 Matt Mackelden in the Drivers Seat Meet Professional driver trainer Matt Mackelden, a high performance drive instructor who’s raced in a wide variety of events over the last decade,  and currently racing the 2018  SuperUtes season aboard the Kubota Racing Toyota Hilux team. This year Matt turned his attention from super car drive instructor to Real…

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TMM 094 Founder Fitness Jamie Pride

TMM 094 Founder Fitness Jamie Pride Speaker, author of Unicorn Tears, serial entrepreneur & venture capitalist Jamie Pride talks the nitty gritty on why start ups fail and how to prevent it. Entrepreneurs need to failure-proof themselves by being Founder Fit. Approximately three start-ups are founded every minute. Of those start-ups, 92 per cent will fail…

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TVC073 Founder Vitality Stephen Woessner

TVC073  Founder Vitality Stephen Woessner I welcome Founder of Predictive ROI, legacy maker and data guru Stephen Woessner on the show,  to share his insights and story on passion, purpose and the importance of people in building a brand and a business. Part of my Influencer Series Stephens direct, energetic and engaging story will have…

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TVC 0689 From Stressed To Success

TVC069 From Stressed To Success

TVC069 Stressed To Success.  Overspent and undernourished? What to do when you’re stressed, finances, energy and your mental hard drive is depleted. This podcast topic came via some of you who wrote in and asked how, when I coach with my clients, how we can so quickly get them feeling back in control and having…

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The Wake Up Workout

The Wake Up Workout

The Wake Up Workout™ Welcome to a kick start exercise plan for any level of fitness. The Wake Up Workout™. My goal is to inspire you make some basic exercise a part of your daily life. As a true Fitpreneur. Easy to integrate and maintain at any level of fitness, I designed this about a…

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TVC068 Nikki Fogden-Moore Podcast

TVC068 Play Bigger Influencer Al Ramadan

TVC068 Play Bigger Influencer and Innovator, Silicon Valley’s Al Ramadan Welcome back to the Influencer Fitpreneur Series.  I’m honoured to have a special guest on the show,  Play Bigger co-author and true innovator, Al Ramadan.   Co-founding partner at Play Bigger Advisors, Al has been a CEO, Entrepreneur, Operating Executive and Sailing Technologist. He is also a…

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How We Connect Nikki Fogden-Moore

How We Connect For Crucial Chats

How We Connect Women talk Face to Face, Men Talk Side By Side. This was one of the points that Play Bigger co-founder Al Ramadan and I were talking about on a recent podcast. Generally speaking women like to discuss, share and dissect issues face to face. It’s how they feel connected and considered. Eye to…

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