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TVC 083 With Tegan Martin Creating Space

TVC083 Tegan Martin Creating Space

TVC083 Tegan Martin Creating Space Talking the importance of space, your dream team and listening to your own intuition with Model, wellness advocate and former Miss Universe Australia, Tegan Martin. Working together with Tegan last week on her “what’s  next” we ran through some of the core criteria for effortless success and the steps needed…

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TVC 059 Creating Culture with Virtual Teams Greg Merrilees

TVC 059 Creating Culture with Virtual Teams Balancing your budget and your business when working with virtual teams… What about creating the culture for your brand with people you’ve never met? In a growing online world where entrepreneurs, online marketers and stay at home mums are running businesses from anywhere – there’s been a huge rise…

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Team Spirit – Racing the Mark Webber Challenge

  Team Spirit. Racing the Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge! What do a World Champion surfer, an Olympic Champion Triathlete and a Vitality Coach all have in common? They want to challenge themselves, show team spirit and inspire others to be their personal best. 7 x World Champ Layne Beachley, Olympic Gold Medalist Emma Snowsill and…

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Active Living – Taking Responsibility to Create the Life You Want

Active Living – Taking Responsibility to Create the Life You Want Taking full responsibility for yourself is a key pillar for my coaching with clients and is part of my own personal values. Essentially  it’s about taking your life off autopilot. Becoming accountable for your actions and knowing that you – you alone, create the…

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Create The Life You Want – Luck Has Nothing To Do With It

Create the Life You Want – Luck has Nothing to Do With It. If anyone says to me “you’re so lucky” my first reaction to is laugh out loud, and secondly be reminded of how things can be so different from the outside looking in. Creating the life you want takes conviction. Combine vision, a…

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Goal Setting 101 – BELIEVE, ACT, ACHIEVE

Achieve your health and fitness goals by getting them off paper and into action with these three key steps: BELIEVE ACT ACHIEVE Have fantastic personal goals that get lost and put aside with everyday life? Well now is the time to start doing and stop thinking about it. Fedex is not delivering you a new…

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